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Our New York Home Health Aides provide the very best in care to their patients. Our qualified staff and years of expertise have made us a leader in the home health aides industry in New York. Every home health aide All Heart Healthcare Agency brings onto the team is required to undergo extensive training before they begin working with patients.

All staff members must fulfill a minimum hourly requirement for training of 75 hours and complete additional assessment testing, both of which are followed up by multiple shadowing sessions to ensure preparedness for working directly with patients. Upon completion, aides are awarded certification. All staff members are monitored as they work directly with patients before being assigned to work with them independently. We require that all healthcare professionals demonstrate competency in the areas required before working with patients entrusted in our care.


Personal care training in meal preparation equips our staff with the right level of knowledge needed to work with patients on restrictive diets. The different diets required for certain medical conditions are tackled. Aides are taught how to oversee patients in guided exercise activities for rehabilitative and fitness purposes. Aides also learn how to prepare and maintain a safe environment for patients and how to handle certain personal care activities.

Basic health topics like CPR are covered in medical training, as well as more specific topics which involve working with medical equipment. Our aides undergo continuous training and rectification to ensure that they provide the best possible care to our Patients.

Home health aides assist patients with a variety of health-related and home care tasks, and are just one segment of our comprehensive home care services.

  • Perform chores
  • Assist in meal preparation
  • Run and coordinate errands
  • Help with grocery shopping
  • Pick up medications
  • Oversee bill pay
  • Provide grooming assistance

We believe in providing opportunities for our staff to continue to learn more about emerging medical technologies and keep their skill sets current so that they can continue to provide patients with the care they deserve. Our home health aides are constantly learning to keep up with the times and provide the best home care services possible for our clientele.

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