Limited mobility strikes us all as we age. Moreover, weather and steep steps may make heading outdoors to exercise daunting. If you or elderly loved ones are finding it hard to move as often as usual, you may benefit from a home care agency NYC to help facilitate an active lifestyle.

Brooklyn home health care can help seniors live their lives normally with a little extra assistance in the home, making activities that might be impossible on their own (such as exercise) a reality once more. Whether or not this option seems like it will work for you, try these 3 easy indoor exercises to prolong youth, up heart rate and work out muscles.


Yoga is centering and strengthening, and needn’t be very intense. Start practicing with simple exercises like the sun salutation, warrior pose and cat cow, which stretch muscles and tone the core without causing bodily strain.

Treadmill Walking

Walking is one of the lowest-impact, heart-healthiest exercises you can do. Treadmills offer the ease of a neighborhood walk without the exposure to cold, rain, heat or traffic. Plus, even if you live in a flat area, you can simulate some rolling hills with your treadmill’s incline setting, elevating your heart rate without increasing joint impact.

Indoor Swimming

If you are lucky enough to have an indoor pool within your building or on your grounds, make use of it. Swimming works your entire body, but gently, because the water reduces stress on bones and joints, so it is an excellent activity for those that have suffered previous injury or simply have fragile bodies.

Of course, you’ll want to get approval from a doctor before starting an exercise routine of any kind, but these moves are so gentle they should work just fine.