If your parents are receiving home care services, you know how important that care is to their physical health and wellbeing. Small craft projects can be part of that wellbeing, too. They’re not only fun to do, but can strengthen eye-hand coordination, stimulate mental activity and even provide a positive outlet for reminiscing about past holidays. If your parents’ home health aides have the time when their higher-priority duties are done, they can join in the fun, as well. It’s a great way for everyone to forge a bond of trust and friendship.

Here are three fun and easy Halloween decoration projects that your parents might enjoy.

  1. Pom-pom pumpkins – Brightly colored pom-poms and little plastic eyes are available at most craft stores. Using yellow and orange pom-poms, glue two eyes to each one then attach a small twig at the top to represent a stem. Groups of these adorable little pop-eyed pumpkins make charming Halloween table decor.
  2. Leaf tracings – This old-time craft combines a touch of artistry with some gentle, low-impact outdoor activity. Start by gathering several different types of leaves. Back inside, place the leaves on a flat surface and cover them with regular computer paper. Using crayons with their wrappers removed, rub over the leaves with the broad side of the crayon. The result will be a bright-colored replica of the leaf. Trace several leaves using different fall colors, then cut them out and glue them to a round piece of cardboard, forming a wreath.
  3. Halloween lamp shades – This is simple because it takes advantage of existing lamp shades. Simply cut silhouettes of spooky Halloween images — cats or bats or jack-o-lantern smiles — out of black paper and stick them to the lampshades in the living room using double-stick tape. Turn the lamps on and — voila! — instant Halloween atmosphere!