Just because your neighborhood isn’t zoned for cabins doesn’t mean you can’t get cabin fever.

It’s that weird feeling you get that’s somewhere in between being bored yet anxious, which signals you’ve been cooped up too long.

There are ways to beat it, such as getting outside occasionally, even just a short walk in the sunshine. But a surefire way to get that fever under control is to find new ways to occupy yourself besides watching more TV or waiting for help from the Brooklyn home health care team.

This time of the year is a perfect chance to try a new hobby or activity. If you know you’re already going to like this hobby, you can put supplies and equipment for it on your holiday wish list.

Here are three fun activities that can help zap the boredom by engaging our brain. Get other suggestions from your home care agency in NYC.

  • Video games: If the last game you played was “Space Invaders,” you’d be surprised about the variety of games that older people enjoy. Some of them involve less shooting and more fun activities, such as yoga and bowling. Studies have shown that games not only boost eye-hand coordination, but sharpen cognitive skills.
  • Cooking. If you’ve always wished you were more accomplished in the kitchen, here’s your opportunity! Or, if you already know the basics, try a new style of nationality or enhance your favorite dishes with new spices. If you’re unable to get to the store, see what kind of creations you can make with what’s around the house.
  • A new card game. Whether it’s dealing up something new when friends come over, or learning a new type of Solitaire, any variation could be amusing – and benefit your brain with new rules to master.