The elderly population in the United States continues to grow annually. If we pay attention to the global population trend, the number of older adults over 65 will reach 1 billion people by 2025.

Meanwhile, seniors can boast unique life experiences, knowledge, and understanding of life. Luckily, August 21 is Senior Citizens’ Day – a national holiday held in the United States and designed to express gratitude to the elderly family members and all the seniors in our life.

A Few Interesting Facts

  • President Ronald Reagan founded the holiday in 1988
  • On average, the number of seniors in the United States is 40.3 million
  • More than 28% of people over 65 are still independent and active
  • More than 16% of older people still work

Here are some exciting ideas for how you can celebrate Senior Citizens’ Day with your family members or patients.

#1 Make This Day Special for Them

Everyday life is hectic. Therefore, we often do not pay attention to the little things that can please our loved ones. Even a short walk in the park can cheer up older adults and positively impact their mental health.

It’s no secret that older people often experience depression and cognitive decline due to the constant stay at their homes. If your patient has difficulty getting around, stay at home and share life stories over a cup of tea. It will make their day!

#2 Become a Volunteer in Projects Devoted to Improving the Lives of Seniors

Even if your elderly relatives are too far away, you can still do your bit to help the elderly in your area. Take part in various programs where volunteers help older people carry out daily tasks that they can no longer do independently.

These are elementary ones, such as helping to buy groceries or delivering medicines from the pharmacy.

#3 Have a Festive Dinner or Family BBQ

Celebrating Senior Citizens’ Day at a festive table couldn’t be easier. Remember that a holiday can help seniors feel special and needed.

These things are truly capable of doing wonders and boosting an older person’s self-esteem. You can also invite your friends to make the holiday even more fun and interesting. Remember that the primary purpose of the holiday is to honor the elderly population.

Cook the older person’s favorite meals, play their favorite music or watch a classic family comedy. Such moments will help them feel needed and surrounded with care.