As we age, we all must face the reality of our growing limitations. Perhaps we have had to give up some of the outdoor activities we enjoyed, or maybe we can no longer travel alone. But, simply because our lives have more limitations than before, doesn’t mean they are no longer enjoyable.

One way to keep the joy in your life is to reach out for help when you need it. Home care services can be a lifeline for any older person who wants to maintain the independence of living alone, but who has recognized that they need a little help from time to time. Just how can home health aides help you with day-to-day activities? Here are three answers to that question.

  1. Meal planning and preparation – It can be hard cooking for one. Elaborate menus don’t work, so maybe you just fall back on snacking. This isn’t healthy. Especially if you have dietary concerns or restrictions. A home health aide can help, not only with meal preparation, but also with making the best nutritional choices.
  2. Dressing and grooming – Many things can affect our ability to dress and groom. Arthritis can make it hard to work snaps and buttons, for example. Fear of slipping can take the joy out of a long, hot bath. A home health aide can assist you with these activities. She can help you bathe or shower safely, get dressed and even help with makeup and hair, so you feel fresh and ready to face the world.
  3. Grocery shopping – If you no longer drive, or even if lifting heavy grocery bags has become difficult, a home health aide can help you with your shopping. With a list you make together, she can do the heavy lifting and make sure your home is always stocked with all of life’s essentials.