As children grow older, they become more independent and struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with their parents. However, the lack of daily contact can negatively affect the relationship between seniors and their children. Thus, both need to find ways to reconnect with each other.

All Heart Homecare

All Heart Homecare makes daily contact between seniors and their children possible. Different homecare services are provided to accommodate different needs. These services include a bedside visit, simple care, rehabilitation, and nursing care.

HHA Job in NYC

New York has several opportunities to work as a home care worker. As a HHA job in NYC, you can work with seniors to help them stay healthy and happy while they grow older.If passion and compassion are integral to your personality and you like to support the seniors, you are the perfect fit for this job.

Home care agency

Home care agency also plays a significant role in reconnecting aging parents with their adult children. If you want to improve your relationship with your parents and are looking for a job, our CDPAP program is a good opportunity for you. CDPAP(consumer directed personal assistance program) helps you take care of your elderly loved ones (your parents or grandparents) the way they took care of you as a child. To learn more about the program contact us today at 718-285-0096.

Ways to improve relationship between aging parents and their adult children

Give selfless and appreciative gifts

Seniors should give genuinely thoughtful gifts to children. This could be a watch, a book, or anything of personal value that grandchildren and children can remember them by when they grow older. The gifts will remind them of their parents’ love when they’re gone someday.

Trust the child’s wisdom and judgment.

Children are growing up, so parents must trust their children’s judgment on issues such as buying a car or paying for an apartment. Parents should not make the children’s decisions alone but rather ask them what they think about the matter.

Keep a journal

Parents should keep a journal of interesting information such as the child’s achievements or personality. In addition, parents should write about things that are happening in their lives and how this can impact the child. This way, parents and children can learn from each other’s experiences as they grow older.

Advantages of home care services

Saving on healthcare costs

Home care is much cheaper than other healthcare forms, such as going to the ER or a hospital. The services are much less expensive as there’s no need to pay for hospital bills or other medical supplies.

Reliable and comfortable environment

At home care, seniors can live in the comfort of their own home with family at all times. With this, the older generation will be able to receive the best of both worlds — medical care and familial support.

Enriched relationships

Through home care, seniors can maintain a healthy relationship with their children. This allows parents and children to learn from each other’s experiences as the elder generation ages. It also promotes a sense of closeness and attachment between family members.

Help children understand their parents’ generation.

Home care services allow seniors to explain things about their old life that they may have forgotten or never knew in their early years of raising the child. For example, grandparents can help their grandchildren understand what it was like to live in the 1950s or 1960s. This can help the child understand their parents’ generation and also teach them about the culture of their parent’s generation.

Less stress and anxiety for seniors

With home care, seniors can take advantage of the services and receive the care they need at home. With this, seniors will have fewer health problems as they age, leading to a more contented life.

Aging parents and their adult children need to reconnect with each other. To do so, both should learn a few things to make their lives healthier and happier. Our agency continues to bring care to our patients, so if you are looking for an agency for your loved one – All Heart is the best place. For more information on how we can help you today, contact us at 718-285-0096.