Working as a home health aide is more than just a job: it’s a way to brighten people’s lives and contribute to the well-being of individuals and society as a whole. Here are five great reasons to enter this important career:

You are a valued team member

As the person who provides hands-on care, you will be an important information source to your clients’ whole network of medical practitioners and family members. Your observations and concerns will be crucial in creating an ongoing care plan for your client.

You receive abundant positive feedback

As an aide for Brooklyn home health care, you provide vital comfort to seniors and peace of mind to their family members. Your contribution will be deeply appreciated, and you’ll probably be thanked again and again throughout each work day.

You are making the world a better place

By allowing elderly people to remain in their homes, you bring sunshine into individual lives. Your contribution doesn’t stop there, however: home health care places less financial burden on society as a whole because it avoids the high costs of nursing home care.

Your employment outlook is bright

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the number of jobs for home health aides is expected to increase by 48 percent in the next ten years. Because the baby boomer generation is aging, it is likely that over 400,000 new home health aide jobs will open up between now and 2022. One other bonus: Your job can’t be outsourced!

You’ll meet amazing people

Conversation and friendship are central to home health care, and your clients will tell you incredible stories of their lives. Each older person offers a window into a bygone era, and you’ll be privileged to look through those windows along with them.

Working for a home care agency NYC trusts, you will know that every day you spend on the job will mean that someone’s life has just gotten better!