Mother’s day is the time in which we celebrate our moms and honor them in the best way possible, by being close to them. However, celebrating Mother’s Day is becoming more challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are either quarantined, have travel restraints or are simply worried about having our mom get sick. Because of these challenges, Mother’s Day is a little bit different than usual and individuals have to be creative in order to keep their loved ones safe, but also celebrate them.

Now is the time to do something extra special, to make this day not like the others, even when social distancing becomes an issue that keeps us all apart.

Here are 6 ideas on How You can Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day:

#1. Host a virtual party with your mom and friends!

As many things are “going virtual”, applications like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, GoogleMeets and more are providing endless ways of reconnecting with anyone we wish! A bonus tip for making this an actual party is to deliver food to her house and eat it together! With many places now offering free delivery (such as UberEats and many other restaurants) this is a perfect opportunity to order your food favorites and share them together, through video call! Have your entire family and her friends join the conference call to reignite that social life. By sending over some of her favorite foods and eating together, it really does feel like a party!

#2. Create a Slideshow for your Mom!

A slide show is a great way to share how you feel about your mom and your relationship with her. Perhaps you can use some recent photos, or make a throwback slide show and use baby photos! You can make a slideshow using Google Slides or PowerPoint, export as a video and share it with your mom! This is a great way to let her know, we’ll meet again. Plus, you both can look back at some of the best times you have shared together, and that’s really special!

#3. Drive or Walk by her Home with Posters and Balloons!

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been many acts of kindness that people have done through social distancing. Perhaps you can meet, within 6 feet of each other, and enjoy a drink together. Or perhaps you may decorate your vehicle with balloons and posters and drive by your mother’s home. If you have children or siblings, ask them to tag along to make the drive more merry. Seeing this mini-parade will certainly make her feel extra special and put a smile on her face!

#4. Send her flowers

One special way of showing someone that you appreciate them is by sending them flowers. Many flower shops are now using catering and delivery services as a means to send something special to a loved one. By sending out the flowers directly to her home, along with a sweet note, it will certainly make her feel acknowledged and as if you are there with her, even when you can not physically meet at a time like this. 

#5. Bake Her Something Special

With everyone being stuck inside their homes, people have been more inclined to do more cooking and baking. If this is something that interests you, your mom would certainly enjoy having a meal or dessert created by you. And if you’re not sure how to cook or bake anything like your mother does, now is the time to give her a call and ask for tips on how to make dishes using a family recipe through a video call. This social distancing activity is a great way to reconnect and bond with your mother.  If you don’t live with her, deliver the goodies to your mother’s doorstep, she will absolutely love all the effort that you have put into this activity!

#6. Go the Old-Fashioned Way, Write Her a Letter!

Sometimes, a store-bought card just doesn’t seem to have a deep meaning for  Mother’s day as they may seem cliche or even just not as thoughtful as you intended. So, one of the best ways to show your mom that you appreciate her is by writing your own letter or card to her. Now, even though writing can be intimidating at times, it’s just important to know that the audience for this letter is just your mother. You know how you speak with your mom and you know how you feel towards her, now you just have to share those words with her and she’ll love it no matter what! One idea is to share a little memory that the two of you share, or something that she has said to you that has influenced your life. All you have to do is write from your heart and she will definitely love this!

Even though we are socially distancing during this time, it doesn’t have to stop us from celebrating the most important person in our lives! There are countless ways we can still acknowledge our moms this year as one’s creativity can be endless. However, just by letting your mom know what she means to you alone can make a huge impact. Show her that even though we may be separated now, we are still together within these trying times.