Walkers are very useful devices used for many decades now. They are used by the elderly, but many patients with broken knees and leg problems use them too. However, the problem with many of these walkers is that they can be quite bulky.

In addition, some of them cannot be folded which means that they take up too much space and they cannot be stored. Some of them are not rolling well or at all making them difficult to handle just like crutches. While younger people might find a way to solve these issues, the elderly don’t have the strength and power to overcome these problems. This is where rolling walkers come into play. Today, there are a few different kinds of rolling walkers and each of them comes with certain advantages.

First and foremost, there are folding walkers. These walkers are ideal for those looking for a cost-affordable walker that doesn’t look too modern or too old-fashioned. In addition, folding walkers are lightweight. But, the only downside is that they don’t come with wheels all around the basis. This is the reason why many people are searching for rotator walkers.

Rotator walker is actually the name of a specific brand, but there are a few other similar walkers in the market. These walkers are more sophisticated than folding walkers. They often come with specially designed hand brakes, a practical pouch located right under the seat to store things the older person wants to take with them and a comfortable seat. Some people say that the only downside of rotator walkers is that they are a little bit heavier and they are not foldable. Another thing that you should take into account is that you cannot use them for outdoor transportation.

If you want to do something like this, you should look for transport walkers/chairs. If you are not sure whether the elderly can walk at least a few feet when they are out, then you can’t go wrong with transport walkers. Keep in mind that these walkers are heavy which makes them a little bit difficult to lift. They also come with four wheels and hand breaks just like rotator walkers.

As we said before, all the walkers listed here can be used not only by the elderly but also by people who have problems with their legs and knees.