Regular exercise is one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle. Our body’s performance and flexibility decline with the aging process, but this doesn’t mean that we should stop working out. On the contrary, exercise and regular physical activity is equally important to senior citizens as it is to young people. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that exercise has the ability to prevent the occurrence of many diseases including osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. What is even more interesting is that regular physical activity is even more important to older people because of the rapid decline in bodily functions. Exercise can improve both cognitive function and bone and muscle structure.

In the recent period, more and more people are concerned because of the growing number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The fact is that modern science has not yet found a cure for this vicious disease, but there is enough evidence to support the claims that exercise has the ability to slow down or in some cases prevent Alzheimer’s disease. This is especially true when it comes to cardio exercises because proper blood flow in the body and especially in the brain supports cognitive functions. Some good cardiovascular exercises for seniors include walking and running. In addition, if it is possible, seniors can also practice swimming and bicycling.

When it comes to osteoporosis, we should point out that this disease is very frequent among modern seniors. The aging process makes human bones more fragile and weaker. Starting from the age of 50, people experience sudden drop of calcium levels and since many people are not changing their diet, they soon start realizing how important calcium is. Besides taking calcium supplements and calcium-rich foods, it is also a good idea to exercise on a regular basis. In this way, you can heal, treat or prevent osteoporosis. This practice will strengthen the bones and increase bone mass. If you are looking for good exercises for osteoporosis for seniors we will mention some of them.

First of all, eight lifting has proven to be very effective. The weight doesn’t have to be extreme. What is important is to get involved in weight lifting three times a week for about half an hour. In addition, fitness instructors also recommend balance training, stretching and cardio exercises.

If you are a senior citizen or you are taking care of a senior citizen, don’t forget how important physical activity is.