If you have noticed that your parents, grandmother or grandfather have started to forget some things and that their brains are not functioning like before, it is the best idea to help them by practicing few simple exercises.

About 80 years ago, scientists have determined that the process of aging affects the brain and people start to lose memory, other brain functions and their agility. The good news is that many recent studies have confirmed that elderly people can still have proper brain functions, but only if they take care of their nutrition and get involved in regular exercises.

Many people who have noticed that they are becoming affected by the aging process have turned to watching TV and started practicing an unhealthy lifestyle thinking that their time has passed. This is simply not true.

A few exercises that can help the elderly improve memory and brain functions

  • Playing games

Play games that support thinking and good judgment with your parents. For example, playing cards stimulates the brain and it also helps the social bond between people. Of course, you can also play many different puzzles, Sudoku, crosswords etc.

  • Use the help of your kids

Ask your children to stay for a couple of hours at your parent’s home. They don’t have to stay every day, but at least once a week. Ask them to use this time to solve a puzzle and after they are finished reward both your kids and your parents.

  • Ask them to quit smoking

This is certainly not going to be an easy task, but it won’t cost you anything to try. You can buy a book that can help them quit smoking or purchase an electronic cigarette and ask them to try how it works. Your parents will probably agree to try something new in their life especially when you explain how useful this product can be.

  • Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is very important for good brain functioning. Foods packed with antioxidants play a vital role in the process of protection of brain functions. Fresh vegetables and fruits are very important and support our efforts to provide all the necessary things that our body cannot produce on its own. There are some studies that suggest that caffeine has a positive effect on brain functions. Of course, you should advise your parents to use this beverage carefully.