There are some things in our everyday lives that can signal that the forgetfulness which is manifested is actually a warning sign of the appearance of a certain disease. If you notice this phenomenon it is necessary to determine whether these signals are repetitive and that they are not some kind of coincidence. Experts who deal with dementia have determined some of the most common warning signs of dementia.

  1. Difficulty performing familiar activities. People who have a lot of work can sometimes forget to perform some task. For example, they can leave the food on the stove too long or they can forget to serve bread. People who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can prepare a meal, but they can not only forget to serve it, but they can’t remember when and how they prepared it.
  2. Memory loss that affects professional skills. It is normal to occasionally forget some of your duties, certain deadlines or the name of your colleague from work. But frequent forgetfulness or unexplainable confusion at work or at home is a clear sign that something is not right.
  3. Time and space disorientation. It is perfectly normal to forget what day of the week is and what are all the products that you need to buy from the local store. But, people suffering from dementia can get lost in the street where they live without knowing where they are and how to get back home.
  4. Speech difficulties. We can all have difficulties finding the right word in some situations, but a person with dementia may forget very simple words or replace them with inappropriate ones. In other words, it can sometimes be very difficult to understand what they are trying to say.
  5. Reduced or poor reasoning. It is a common mistake to forget your sweater or coat when it’s cold outside. However, a person with dementia can put completely unsuitable clothing – they can put their coat in the middle of summer and vice-versa – their t-shirt in the winter period.
  6. Frequent changes in behavior and mood. Every person regardless of their age experiences a wide range of emotions and this is an integral part of our lives. On the other hand people with dementia may experience rapid mood swings for no apparent reason.
  7. Lack of initiative. It is very normal for people to be tired from their activities at work or at home, but most people recover their interest after a while. A person with dementia especially with Alzheimer’s may remain uninterested and very passive in many or even all of their normal activities.