Even if you have designed and implemented a good care plan which involves the use of a home care agency, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore your loved ones. Of course, most of these agencies know how to help the elderly feel happy, but you can also contribute to their happiness. There are many cases in which senior citizens are a little bit difficult when it comes to their independence.

We have to respect this and the simplest way to do this is to keep them active. In this article, we will highlight some activities and things that each of us can do to support the elderly. By making sure that they are active and involved we will improve their mental and physical health and ultimately improve their life expectancy.

Using computers

In case you have an older computer model that was recently replaced by a new one, move your old computer to the home of your loved ones. Despite the fact that they are a little bit old, the use of a computer is not very difficult and you can easily teach them how to operate this device. We can all agree that sending or receiving an email is not rocket science. You can even teach them how to use social media too. There is no doubt that their grandchildren will be amazed by their newly acquired skill. If you want to keep them motivated send them emails from time to time and encourage them to send messages back.

Using art

You are never too old to start painting or to get involved in activities like pottery. Simply buy the tools that they need and ask them to unleash their creativity. Handcrafted items are respected and loved around the world and they are definitely a good way to keep yourself busy. This is something that older people need.

Bird watching

The elderly spend most of their days inside their homes, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t watch what’s going on outside. In order to make this experience more enjoyable, you can place a bird feeder close to the window so they can watch the birds. If they can give them food through these bird feeders that would be even better.

There are many activities that are suitable for the elderly and these activities can help them feel alive and happy.