Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in older people. Lots of people suffer from strokes every day. Even if the stroke is not fatal, the consequences can really affect the person that suffered the stroke and his family as well. Taking proper measures for stroke prevention is essential, so people will lower the risk of stroke happening to them.

So, what exactly is stroke? Stroke happens when there is a blockage of the blood flow that goes to the brain. This occurs when the blood vessels are narrowed and when there is a bleeding in the brain. When stroke occurs, nerve cells are dying because the brain does not receive its nutrients. As a result of the stroke people can experience problems with talking, walking, thinking and vision problems. Unfortunately, some of these problems cannot be reversed. That is why it is important for the people to think about the ways of preventing stroke.

Ischemic and hemorrhagic are the main stroke types. Ischemic strokes happen when there are blockages or when blood clots are formed. Hemorrhagic strokes happen more often, and they occur when the blood vessels start to break. Other types of stroke include embolic and thrombotic stroke. Embolic stroke happens when blood clots enter into the blood flow, while thrombotic strokes occur when blood arteries are getting full of plaque.

Monitoring blood pressure is the first step in stroke prevention. High blood pressure increases chances for a stroke, so maintaining healthy and safe levels is very important. Eating healthy food can balance your blood pressure, while regular exercising also helps. Smoking, alcohol and nicotine intake should be lowered, as well as consumption of sugary drinks.

Eating fish and taking more vitamin E also helps in stroke prevention. Foods that have high levels of vitamin E are nuts, seeds, eggs, milk, avocado, spinach and wheat. If you are diabetic, you must make sure that you keep your blood sugar at healthy levels.

Besides these easy steps, scheduling and regularly seeing your physician can be very beneficial. By examining your body, your doctor can recommend you different measures and steps for stroke prevention. Watching over your general health is crucial in prevention of strokes.

These were some simple, but efficient advices on how to lower the risk of strokes. All of these steps are not hard to try, so follow them and you will live a healthier life.