Brooklyn home health care agency All Heart Care provides compassionate home health aides who are experienced with ensuring that the elderly and people recovering from illness or surgery remain compliant with prescription medication directions. When someone is debilitated or suffering varying degrees of memory loss, it is easy to forget to take medication as directed by their physician. All Heart Care home health aides can help clients safely manage their medication regimes to avoid health problems arising from missed or delayed medications.

Our home health aides provide daily support to maximize the physical and emotional well-being. of the elderly or incapacitated. We also offer assistance with medication-related problems such as ordering and picking up prescriptions, making sure you don’t miss doctor appointments and dispensing medication according to instructions.

Even missing one dose of prescribed medications or taking certain medications without food may cause serious or uncomfortable symptoms that may involve emergency room care. Since most home-bound people are taking multiple medications for multiple medical problems, keeping track of which medication to take at what time of the day can be confusing and irritating. Additionally, the frustration of having to take numerous medications and follow strict instructions often makes the sick or elderly anxious and agitated. Consequently, they may often chose to deal with this problem by simply not taking their medication as prescribed but tell loved ones that they are taking the medication.

We at All Heart Care see this happen frequently and want to help keep our clients on track with their medication. When loved ones need the assistance of an professional home care agency NYC residents know they can depend on All Heart Care for providing the highest quality of care available.