Even moderate physical activity and exercise can provide significant improvement of the health of the elderly. There are many people who don’t like exercising and many older people believe that they should rest now that they are retired, but that’s not right.

Resting is not the same as laziness. When you are old, you have time both for resting and to be active. The good news is that physical activity can be fun and engaging and the elderly can actually enjoy performing exercises while improving their overall health.

Before we highlight some of these activities, we should mention that the fear of injuries is irrational because numerous studies have shown that senior citizens that are physically inactive are getting injured more frequently compared to those who are inactive.


This is the simplest and one of the most efficient physical activities for the elderly. It is up to you to choose the intensity and the length of walks. In case you get involved in a short walk in your neighborhood or the local park, you will significantly improve your health after a short period of time. Walking can be easily turned into a group activity which is great for the elderly. If the weather is not that good, the elderly can walk in closed malls too. This is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that will keep you busy.

Yoga/Tai Chi

There are many different types of martial arts and Tai Chi is among the oldest. Tai Chi is focused on balance, movement, and coordination. The best part is that speed doesn’t play an important role and that’s why Tai Chi is suitable for the elderly. In case you find this martial art attractive, you should also get involved in yoga. Yoga requires more stamina, but the effects on your health in general and especially your muscles are amazing. There are many different yoga exercises that are specially designed for older people.


Swimming is a sport that is loved by people of all ages and the elderly are not an exception. Most people find swimming to be enjoyable and comfortable. This is a sport that activates all muscle groups without causing tensions in the joints which is very important for the elderly. In case arthritis is causing you problems when you are involved in physical activity, swimming is the best option for you.

Hopefully,  these fun activities will help the elderly improve their health.