You can make a significant impact in someone’s life by donating blood. January is Blood Donor Month and it’s more important to donate now more than ever.  With this simple act, you can quite literally save’s life. 

We’re listing the most essential reasons as to why you should consider donating your blood this month.

  1. Eligible Donors Rarely Donate – And That’s a Problem!

Donating Blood is a safe process, and it is verified by the FDA in order to regulate this procedure and that both parties are protected.  

The Different Blood Types:

There are four  types of of blood types, Group A, B, O and AB. Out of the four, AB is the rarest then B, while Group A and O are the most common. 

  • Group O are universal and can be given to anyone. They are the most common group to be transfused.
  • Group AB can be only given to other people who have Group AB. However, this group can receive from any other groups including AB, A, B and/ or O.
  • Lastly, group O can receive from group O.

You can donate if you:

  • are over 18 years old or have parent’s permission to do so as a 16 or 17 year old
  • weigh over 120 pounds
  • have an official ID
  • do not have any major disease such as heart disease or cancer
  • are not on antibiotics or anything that can intoxicate the blood
  • wait over 12 months if you got a tattoo from a state that doesn’t monitor such their tattoo places, one of them being in the state of New York
  • had not recently received surgery or have traveled 
  • have regular amount of hemoglobin. This is checked during your first donation. 
    • This is due to the fact that your body needs iron in order to maintain the hemoglobin. Therefore be sure to eat foods with lots of iron such as spinach, beans, and other grains and cereals.
  1. You Can Save a Life

People who have gone through trauma or major surgeries, transplants or even cancer would need blood donations. With such donations, it allows for the recovery process for someone to be significantly improve. One donation allows four patients to recover and get a greater chance for suvival. 

  1. The Process is Short and Simple

The process in its entirety is maximum one hour, with only 10 mins of actually drawing the blood. Clinics usually take about one pint and that makes the time being there not too long. 

Doctors recommend that prior to coming to the donation, that you eat a heart healthy meal or even a good snack and that you are feeling good that day. After donation, you will likely eat a beverage or a snack to help your body adjust to the loss. 

The process is painless, you may feel uncomfortable but not when the blood is drawn. After donating, you arms may feel sore but if you take over-the counter pain reliever, the soreness should subside.

  1. You Can Donate Often

Blood transfusions can be made every 8 weeks because the donation is shared with other components and are returned to the donor. Just think about the amount of lives you can save by donating your own blood to someone who urgently needs it.

The reward is indescribable as there is nothing better in this world than to give someone else another chance of living. Not only that but All Heart Homecare will award you as well! Once you have donated blood, come to our Brooklyn Office an we will reward you with a gift that we are giving out to all donors. 

At All Heart, we are all about giving others a chance of bettering their lives with our home health care services. By donating blood, you give others the ultimate gift of life and we believe those who donate are true heros. For more information, give us a call at 888-388-8989.