We all have so many questions lately on what’s going on with COVID-19 and, honestly, it can be pretty overwhelming. It seems like everything around us is getting canceled and closures have become an ever-growing list. Kids are out of school, parents are remotely working, if not, many of them are even laid off from their jobs as the tensions are rising. 

However, Caregivers are deemed as “essential workers” and must take care of their clients as they are most vulnerable to the virus and can’t be left alone. Because of this, taking care of your own children, while they are at home, becomes a challenge. The best thing we can do is to stay calm and collected and reason out our priorities. Here are some tips on parenting as a Caregiver during this crazy time.

How to continue going to your Client Cases as a Caregiver while your kids are out of school

We know how difficult it may be to balance both work and your children, however, we are here to support you. 

If you must go to your case, consider hiring a helper such as a babysitter, day care center or asking a neighbor for the favor of looking after your child while you go to your cases. 

If you are unable to have an additional caretaker to look after your child while you go to your case, give us a call and speak with your supervisor. Our coordinators are understanding and will find a replacement to cover the case if you are unavailable to physically go. However, please note, that if you ask for a replacement, you will not be compensated for your time off unless you have vacation or sick hours accumulated and would like to use them. 

On the days you are home, here are some tips on how to help your child with their school work, considering their new “distance learning” time may be a challenge in itself.

How to teach your kid while working as a caregiver

  1. As many of you know, school is out till April 20th (as they say) and so your kids are at home for an unexpected school break while you must continue going to your cases! Many kids will now be working remotely. The best advice? Make a schedule and try your best to stick to it. 
  2. It’s important to have your kids stick to a routine so that they will not slack off when they return to school. Having them to be on the same Monday to Friday schedule allows them to have their attention in tack. Set schedules like how much time they will have for their reading, math, art, and more but make sure that they have the right amount of breaks- without screen time (even though this may be extremely difficult).
  3. Make the learning process more fun. Look for educational games or other online worksheets. Maybe watch an educational documentary that is made for kids or incorporate a cooking lesson and work on their math skills!
  4. Make sure that they aren’t too stressed.  With everything going on lately, it is likely the kids are also feeling stressed that they can’t see their friends and aren’t in the normal school environment so make sure to consider their mental health. It’s best to take things slowly than flood them and force them to do work. 
  5. Are kids allowed to have play dates? Due to the rising coronavirus cases, anyone can be asymptomatic to the disease and still spread it to others. That’s why it is ESSENTIAL to STAY at home when possible in order to prevent and decrease the rate of spreading with the virus. Thus, it is important that kids do not have physical interactions with other kids. 

What can they do? They can still go on bike rides, out for walks and other activities but it is important that they keep a distance of at least 6 feet from others. The key to limit as much as possible social physical interaction, the smaller the group the better. Additionally, this is the time to always remind them to not wash their hands, touch their face or pick their noses.

How to entertain them while having them keep a distance?

Have them video call their friends, learn a new dance from a TikTok video, or download a new game and virtually compete with their friends. This is actually a good time to have them stay connected with their friends using social media.

Have educational games to keep them busy in the house. Puzzles, leggos, chalk drawing and even scavenger hunts are a fun and great way to keep them engaged and bring the family closer!

How to manage my kids anxiety? What about mine?

As a caregiver, you carry a lot of emotional vulnerability by taking care of your patient but also your loved ones in your own household. It’s during these times where it is essential to be taking care of yourself first, above all. Otherwise it will all go downhill.

For kids, it’s best to try not to have them listen to the news too much as this may be unhealthy for their mental thoughts.

It’s best to be calm with them. If you yourself show anxiousness, the child may also feel anxious. By taking the necessary breaks, going outside for fresh air but keeping a distance from others, you will benefit not only your own life but the life of your child while you both stay at home during this time.