Early Signs of Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects movement. Estimates suggest that Parkinson’s affects nearly 1 million people in the United States and more than 6 million people worldwide. The first symptoms may be barely noticeable, however they worsen as the condition progresses over time. Although the disease is chronic and there is no cure to it, it is essential to understand the early signs of Parkinson’s. With early diagnosis and proper treatment some symptoms can be improved thus enhancing the quality of life of the patient and their families. Here we will discuss the 7 Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease to help a caregiver or a family member to recognize the first symptoms.

  1. Tremors – are one of the most common early signs of Parkinson’s disease. The tremors usually start in one hand or arm and may occur when the person is at rest.
    It is normal to have occasional tremors, but if the tremors persist and become more frequent, it may be a sign of Parkinson’s disease.
  2. Muscle stiffness – people with Parkinson’s disease often experience muscle stiffness, especially in the arms, legs, or neck.
    It may be normal to have some muscle stiffness after exercise or in the morning, but if it persists throughout the day, pay essential attention to it.
  3. Slow movements – also known as bradykinesia. It may take them longer to complete simple tasks like getting dressed or brushing their teeth.
    It is normal to have occasional slow movements, but if it is persistent and interferes with daily activities, it may be a sign of Parkinson’s disease.
  4. Balance problems – people with the disease often have balance problems and may experience frequent falls.
    It may be normal to lose balance occasionally, but if it becomes frequent and interferes with daily activities, it may be an early sign.
  5. Changes in handwriting – the handwriting may become smaller and more cramped, and it may be difficult to write for an extended period.
    It is normal to have some changes in handwriting due to age.
  6. Changes in speech – the voice may become softer or more monotone, and it may be difficult to speak clearly.
    It is normal to have occasional changes in speech.
  7. Loss of smell – people with Parkinson’s disease often experience a loss of smell, also known as hyposmia.
    It may be normal to have some loss of smell due to age.

How Home Care Can Can Help with Parkinson’s Disease

Once your loved one shows first symptoms of Parkinson’s disease it will become more difficult for them to live independently. At All Heart Homecare we are committed to provide the best care to our clients who need assistance with daily activities due to Parkinson’s or any other chronic disease. Our certified aides will make sure your loved one is safe, comfortable and continues living a fulfilling life despite the disease.

Contact All Heart Home Care right away for additional details about our services.

Guideline for Choosing a Home Care Agency for Seniors

If you have been taking care of a loved one, there may come a time when you are no longer able to provide your loved one with the level of care that they require. If you believe that now is the best time to obtain outside assistance, it’s important that you find the best home care agency that meets your needs and budget requirements. The following step-by-step guide goes into detail about how to assess home care providers so that you can be 100% confident in your final decision.

Learn More About the Various Types of Home Care Agencies

You will discover that home care agencies differ in regards to business models, size, and ownership structure, which can dictate the level of care that a specific facility provides. These agencies are typically separated into independent ownership or franchise ownership. Franchise agencies tend to be more widely recognized and will usually have strict pricing, procedures, and policies that every company within the franchise must adhere to.

Independent agencies are able to set their own procedures, policies, training programs, and pricing structure. In the event that you interview various home care providers, ask questions about their experience and background to determine how long they’ve been providing care to your community. Online customer reviews can also be helpful in gaining this information.

Determine if the Costs Fall Under Your Budget

When you first speak with a home care agency, find out how much they charge. Once you’ve created a budget, it will be easier for you to identify if the costs fit in your budget. Keep in mind that home care services tend to be personalized for each individual client.

Make Sure the Home Care Agency is Insured, Licensed, and Bonded

You’ll find that licensing laws can differ from state to state. If you live in a state that requires all home care agencies to obtain licensing, you can check online databases to identify current license statuses.

Most home care agencies insure their employees to cover themselves from claims of caregiver theft or similar issues. Make sure that you request a copy of the agency’s insurance declaration page for proof of coverage.

Seek Additional Information About Home Care Agencies

You should also learn what you can about the professional caregivers who are hired by home care agencies if you want to be more confident in your decision. You may be able to perform a background check on these caregivers. It’s also highly recommended that you inquire about the agency’s hiring process to give you peace of mind.

Find Out Which Care Management Procedures are Available

If your loved one has specific care requirements, your goal should be to choose a home care agency that offers the care management procedures that will meet these needs. The top home care agencies offer comprehensive care planning for more individualized care.

During your initial consultation, it’s important that you discuss any caregiver preferences your loved one has. In the event your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, for example, they must be paired with a professional caregiver who has dementia care experience.

Here at All Heart Homecare Agency, we strive to provide anyone who walks through our doors with exemplary care. Our Home Health Aides have the certifications and qualifications needed to provide you with individualized healthcare services that ensure you remain comfortable in your own home. Call our home care agency office in Brooklyn today at (718) 285-9619 to learn more about the home care services we provide. You can also apply for an HHA job in NYC on our website.

What Do You Do as a Caregiver

A caregiver refers to a person who provides care to another individual who needs it. It’s a broad term and can cover different things, such as family members caring for older relatives, significant others in long-term relationships providing caregiving services to their spouses and partners, or friends watching over a friend with a chronic illness. There are many different types of caregivers. Some provide physical care, while others provide emotional or spiritual support. Although the caregiving role can be both rewarding and challenging, it is not without its drawbacks, including physical strain and the risk of isolation. Discussed below are the responsibilities of caregivers and the benefits of this job.

1. Caring for Others

The primary responsibility is to provide support and assistance to the individual they are caring for. When you get an HHA job, expect to perform roles like feeding, dressing, bathing, or providing companionship. A caregiver can be in charge of their loved one’s medications and other health-related decisions, but this is not always required. Caregivers need to remember that patients will likely be under stress due to their illness and that it could take some time before they feel well enough to care for themselves again.

2. Planning Care Activities and Procedures

There are a multitude of different home care services and tasks that can be performed by a caregiver, such as organizing schedules, making phone calls, or helping in the kitchen. Sometimes caregivers will help with these activities, and sometimes they won’t. Because everyone’s situation is different, caregivers need to ask their clients about their needs and what is most important.

3. Making Decisions That Affect the Health Care of the Individual or Group

As a caregiver, it’s your job to make decisions that affect your loved one’s healthcare. For example, you may have to make an important decision over the next few days or weeks about whether to let your client take a certain medication. A caregiver at disability home care may also have to decide whether or not the individual should seek medical attention.

Benefits of Caregiving Jobs

Caring for aged people, or disabled individuals has many benefits. You may get an HHA job NYC that may fall under this category. In addition to the satisfaction you get from helping others, consider several financial benefits.

1. Job Security

One of the most attractive aspects of being a caregiver is job security. The hours can be flexible, and often HHA agency employers will provide paid time off for these types of jobs. Even if your hours increase, there won’t be a large pay increment.

2. Flexible Schedule

Those who have a busy schedule might consider giving up their weekend or weeknight job to fill in for someone who needs care. Moving from one job to another is not always easy for those who are used to a routine and have set schedules, but it often makes the most sense financially. You might choose to work for private pay homecare.

3. Medical Benefits

Sometimes caretakers can get medical coverage. These benefits are often regulated, and there may be some limits to the number of people you can cover. You have to contact a home care agency to find out whether they offer medical coverage.

Caregiver: The Job with a Heart

This is a very fulfilling job because caregivers are important to those they care for. Being a caregiver is a paid position most of the time, but some family members choose to provide services out of love instead. The demands and responsibilities of this job are numerous, but the rewards can be significant. If you have a passion for this job, you may apply for a job at All Heart Home Care Agency. We are always ready to add experienced and professional personnel to our team. Call us today or fill out a feedback form on our site.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Private Pay Home Attendant?

private Pay home care

Most people today are in a stream of endless movement and solving complex life problems. However, no matter how complicated life can be, taking care of those whom we love will always be our priority.

It is proven time and time again that private pay home care brings numerous benefits, despite the difficulties of adaptation at the beginning of work. Professional home attendants provide their patients with necessary care, allowing them to feel more comfortable and independent within their own home despite their illnesses and physical condition.

What Are Private Pay  Home Care Services?

To start, home care duties are not the same as nursing services, although home attendants must be able to perform certain procedures that require medical supervision. We are talking about a specialist who will constantly be near a sick person and will provide the necessary assistance. By hiring a home attendant, your family will get the following services:

  • Performing hygiene procedures.
  • Making reports of the senior’s health and wellness.
  • Cooking healthy and balanced food for a patient, taking doctor’s recommendations into consideration.
  • Cooperating with specialists: nurses or other home attendants.
  • Care of the patient’s home, personal things, or medical equipment.
  • Being a companion for the patient regardless of their psychological state.

The private pay home care service details are discussed in the initial meeting as well as their work conditions. The experience of every worker is checked by the All Heart Homecare recruitment staff at the interview for providing their clients with the appropriate services.

Hiring a Private Pay Home Attendant: Benefits For Elderly Relatives

With old age, it is extremely important for a senior to feel the attention of their loved ones, especially if the person is suffering from a serious illness. At the same time, a senior does not want to feel like a burden and take away the time of busy relatives. Most elderly citizens support the idea of ​​hiring a caregiver for the following reasons:

  1. The opportunity to receive the highest quality services. Experienced specialists know how to lift the bedridden patient, avoid bedsores, put droppers onto hoppers, etc.
  2. Getting permanent help. The home attendant cannot just leave the patient within the working hours. At the same time, a relative cannot always be near due to the necessity to resolve some other issues.
  3. Ability to communicate with a new person. The life of those who are forced to constantly stay at home is often dull. So, meeting a new person means the opportunity to share experiences, tell their own story, and hear someone else’s.

When deciding to hire a caregiver, it is important to consult a relative before to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Be honest with your close person, and point out the problems you are facing with them: the lack of time, constant business, or excessive physical activity. In any case, a senior should not feel inferior or guilty in the current situation.

Hiring a Private Pay Home Attendant: Benefits For You

Entrusting a sick relative to a stranger is not an easy decision, but it can bring certain advantages. When looking for a caregiver on your own, it will be difficult to understand whether they will be able to cope with all the tasks and whether they have the appropriate character. The company will take over the question of selecting an employee for a patient, while you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. More chances to maintain a good relationship with your elderly relative. There will be very few reasons for domestic quarrels.
  2. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the time with your close person. It’s so nice to watch a movie, listen to a concert, or just talk to a parent, without worrying about whether they are fed or whether they were given an enema today.
  3. You will get useful recommendations from experienced professionals. Caring for sick relatives is not easy, because you cannot always ask your friends or colleagues for advice. However, home attendants usually know the answers for such questions, and ready to suggest the correct solution.

It is not necessary to hire a full-time nurse immediately: they can only spend a few hours with a patient. Thus, the seniors can use this time for adapting, and it will be easier for the home attendant to find an approach with their new patient.

Want to be sure that you and your elderly relative will be provided with high-quality service? Then we highly recommend visiting  All Heart Homecare Agency to help you right now. Entrust your family members with only true professionals!

Why You Need the Flu vaccination Now More Than Ever

The time has come for your annual flu vaccinations as it is now influenza season. However, you may have some more concerns about getting vaccinated this year as more questions have risen for you. Questions such as, “How safe is the flu vaccination?” or “How does COVID-19 factor in during the flu season?” 

We will gladly answer these concerns for you as the CDC has posted new information on why the vaccination of the flu shot is important now more than ever before. 

All About the Influenza Shot

As the weather now turns colder, flu season also comes into the picture. Many wonder about the flu vaccinations and as healthcare workers, many are given the option and even requested to get that flu shot. Yet many ask what the purpose of this is especially in 2020 when most of the world is focusing on avoiding illnesses such a COVID-19. Why do people need it if we are already wearing a mask almost all day and are practicing social distancing?

Just like all the years prior to this one, it is always recommended that everyone, especially healthcare professionals get a vaccination shot for the influenza season. Why is that? Well, for one, you are constantly working with elderly patients. These patients are more vulnerable to a simple flu as their immune system weakens with age. Something that may be a simple cold for you at your younger age will likely not be the same effect for the elderly person. Thus, as the strain of the flu constantly changes annually, it’s important to get vaccinated for the new flu shot to keep those around you safe. 

Is the Flu Shot effective? Yes, in the most recent years, it is said that it is 50-70% effective to prevent the flu, plus, if you do get sick or have another illnesses as the flu vaccine with reduce the severity. 

Protecting Vulnerable Groups:

Thousands of people die from the flu every year and most of these people are over the age of 65 with an immunocompromised health. In addition to this, pregnant women and children are also at a high risk. Now as a home health aide, you are constantly in an environment with at-risk groups. By getting this flu shot, you not only protect yourself but others around you as well.  

Why do you need the flu shot now more than ever?

To protect Healthcare capacity: 

With the flu vaccination, you reduce the chances of getting sick and being hospitalized. Because we are still currently in a pandemic, we need to reduce the number of medical attention applied per person so that hospitals will not be over-crowded. 

To Prevent Co-infection of both COVID-19 and the Seasonal Influenza:

There have been reports that suggest if both COVID-19 and the flu coexist in the body, it may be a severe risk for vulnerable patients. As more time passes by and the CDC studies the two diseases, it will become available and more understanding to us.

Overall Benefits of the Flu Vaccination

Though it will not protect you from contracting the Coronavirus, it will reduce the chances of needing to go to the doctor this season as well as developing symptoms or even being quarantined. Because this year is very complex already, let’s do our part and protect others and ourselves by getting vaccinated.

For more information on the flu season and how it will affect your workplace, contact us, and we would gladly share more with you about how to keep safe during these trying times.

Arthritis Awareness

Arthritis Awareness Month

Arthritis is one of the most widespread health conditions in the United States. It affects about one in four adults overall. That’s over 54 million men and women. To recognize this toll on Americans’ health, CDC, the Arthritis Foundation and other partners observe Arthritis Awareness Month in May.