What educational games for the elderly are good for health?

People under the age also love to have fun! They can spend the whole day for a new game or a new occupation. Even with the travel restrictions, there are many options for interesting holiday!

Learn more about what kind of training – the most favorite among the elderly, and use them in their work.

Fun activities for seniors 

two seniors having fun activities

Seniors love to have fun, too! Their day can be “made” by introducing a new game or activity. Even if your senior has limited mobility, there are plenty of options out there for a good time!

How Alexa helps to take care of elderly people


Rebecca, a 78-year-old who doesn’t use a computer and gave up her landline for a cellphone long ago. So when her HHA gave her an Amazon Echo Dot to try, she mostly refused.

But soon she became a real fan. If I fall, I can just push on that button, she said, pointing to the medical alert pendant she wears around her neck. With Alexa they come asap.

100th Birthday of our patient Yevgenya

yevgeniya and all heart homecare team group photo

This Friday, December 7th, 2018 was very special for All Heart Homecare Agency. Our team visited one of our dearest clients, Yevgenya V., to celebrate her 100th Birthday.

Physical activity for the elderly

elderly man doing excercises

Everybody needs a bit of exercise. It has been scientifically proven, over and over, that somewhat strenuous movement can lead to all sorts of different benefits for your overall health. Benefits ranging from improved cardiovascular health to improved hormonal profiles and cholesterol levels, to decreased levels of body fat, and increased muscle mass. But the question that some people have is the following: do all people have the exact same needs regarding exercise?

Diet tips for the elderly

caregiver gives a glass of water to the elderly woman

The diet is a really important part of every person’s life. For a long time in human history, humans were practically forced to eat only healthy foods – it’s all that they had. But nowadays we have certain man-made “foods” that are really tasty to eat, but they are not as necessarily as healthy.

Best activities for senior citizens

The old man on a wheelchair is walking in the park with his adult son

A worryingly big portion of the senior citizens begins to live a life of recluse when they reach a certain age. They retreat from society and they waste their days away, waiting for their inevitable death. This is indeed a gloomy view towards life and one that should be changed if old people are to be happier.

Tips and tools for senior care

smiling caregiver accompanying elderly woman in a wheelchair

There are situations in which people have to care for an older person close to them. This situation is very rewarding, but it can also be difficult too. Obviously, every case is different and it is closely related to the needs, ailments and other things that the elderly may be experiencing. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you should know that there are some elder care tools and tips that can help. The tips found in this article will help you in any situation.