Do you want to take care of your elderly loved one and get paid for it? Then CDPAP is your best choice! All Heart Homecare will make the process of enrollment smooth and easy and will offer a package of exceptional benefits!

What is a CDPAP?

CDPAP or the “Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program” is a New York statewide Medicaid sponsored program. Under this program, the consumers (your elderly loved one) can hire their family members or friends as their personal assistants who will get PAID to provide care.

CDPAP consumers can recruit as many assistants as they need to accommodate their lifestyle, individual needs and authorized hours.

Your elderly loved one is likely to be eligible if...

He/She has Medicaid
Lives In NY
Needs help with day-to-day activities
Has a stable medical condition
Be eligible for long term care

Who can be a caregiver?

Legal Spouse
Designated Representative
Must be at least 18 years old and be able to legally work in US

Call us at 888-388-8989 to see if you are eligible

Benefits of CDPAP program

For Consumers:

They receive care at the comfort of their own home

They choose their own caregivers

They spend quality time with people they love

There is no caregiver turnover

For caregivers:

They can be sure their elderly loved ones receive best care

They get regularly paid and have peace of mind

They spend precious time with people they really care about

Why choose All Heart Homecare?

For more than 10 years we have been providing exceptional services and top-notch customer care to our clients and their caregivers! Read our reviews and see for yourself