CDPAP - Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

CDPAP helps you take care of your elderly loved ones (your parents or grandparents) the way they took care of you as a child.

Are you anxiously looking for a Home Health Aide who is reliable, skilled, and compassionate—someone who can take good care of your family member or friend? 

If yes, then “Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program” is your best choice!


As the name suggests, the “Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program” is a home care assistance program that empowers consumers, and their representatives to hire and direct care on their own. This means your loved one (the consumer) along with a representative (you or any other family member), can recruit, train and direct personal assistants. And you know what the main highlight of this program is?

Well, CDPAP is a New York statewide Medicaid sponsored program. Under this program, the consumers can also hire their family members as personal assistants who get PAID to provide care. Isn’t that wonderful?!

Now let’s take a deeper dive to learn more about this program.

  • CDPAP consumers can recruit as many assistants as they need to accommodate their lifestyle, individual needs and authorized hours.
  • They can hire anyone including their family members (except for their spouse).
  • Under this program, CDPAP assistants are allowed to perform not just custodial but also skilled tasks for consumers such as injections, oxygen and medication administration, and suctioning tracheotomies, which otherwise can only be done by Registered Nurses.

For consumers to qualify for this program, they must:

  • Have Medicaid;
  • Require assistance with personal care tasks; 
  • Have a stable medical condition;
  • Be eligible for long term care;
  • Be able to self-direct and fulfill the consumer's responsibilities or have a designated representative who is willing and able to fulfill such responsibilities.

We have a very friendly and experienced Intake Department that can help you with the enrollment process.

  • Relatives (including children and parents)
  • Friends
  • Acquaintances

The good news is that there are no stringent requirements for caregivers. You can qualify as a personal assistant/caregiver as long as you are 18 years of age or older and are able to legally work in the United States, and not married to the consumer.

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