It’s no secret that oral health starts with clean teeth. Dentists note that keeping the surface of your teeth clean can prevent the formation and development of tooth decay and improve gum health.

Let’s look at a few simple yet important tips to help you and your patient get better oral health.

Brush Teeth Twice A Day

Remember that rushing to brush your teeth is not just a poorly effective technique. Thus, you can injure the gums and are unlikely to get the desired result.

Forget brushing your teeth right after a meal, especially if you drank something sour, like grapefruit juice or soda. 

Select Suitable Accessories

Use a saturated toothpaste or a soft-bristled toothbrush – the choice is purely individual. If you find it challenging to make rhythmic movements when brushing your teeth, use an electric or rechargeable toothbrush. This will allow you to remove plaque and keep your gums clean and healthy effectively.

Electric brushes are great for patients with arthritis or other medical conditions that make it difficult to brush their teeth daily.

Use The Right Technique

Most of us do not know how to properly hold a toothbrush and brush our teeth for the best effect. Experts recommend holding the brush at a slight angle, directing the bristles to the junction of the tooth with the gum.

Gently make short circular motions back and forth and move from tooth to tooth. Keep in mind that excessive circular motions or brushing with stiff bristles will damage the gums.

Don’t Overdo it

Remember that 2 minutes is enough to clean the entire oral cavity, including the inner and chewing surfaces of the teeth and the tongue.

Keep The Toothbrush Clean

Be sure to rinse your toothbrush after every brushing of your teeth. Store your toothbrush upright. This way, you will ensure fast drying before the next use.

Know When To Change Toothbrush

Buy new toothbrushes or a replacement electric toothbrush head every three months or less. Monitor the condition of the cleaning surface of the toothbrush. If the bristles are flaking or uneven, change the toothbrush without a second thought.

Remember that early detection and treatment of gum and dental problems will help you maintain good oral health for years to come.