Installation of a stairlift can ease the life of senior citizens and the people who take care of them. These people usually have problems walking up and down and climbing stairs. This is especially true when we are talking about two-story or multiple-story houses. Stairlifts are very easy to use and they can provide the freedom to older people to move around their homes freely. In case the stairlift is malfunctioning, senior citizens can experience many different problems. However, in case you are taking good care of the stairlift, problems like this should not happen and the life of your stairlift should be prolonged.

First of all, you must take the weight into consideration. The devices we use for transportation come with specific weight limits and stairlifts are not an exception. Of course, even if the elderly person gains weight, the device should work properly, but problems can occur when they are using the stairlift to transport very heavy items. If they cannot use help, they should at least try to transport these things piece by piece not at once. They should also remember that some things are not needed right away, so they should wait for help.

It’s also good to mention that the vast majority of stairlifts are designed in a way which allows them to stop moving automatically whenever they notice an obstacle on the tracks. However, there are cases when the system is not functioning well or it cannot identify a relatively small object and the stairlift can break down. The best idea is to check the tracks before using the stairlift because it is not unusual to find small items stuck there.

Another thing that we should take into account is the fast response in cases of problems. Obviously, taking care of every problem right away is the best option. If you want to keep your stairlift work for a long time, you need to solve every issue as soon as possible. If you are postponing these repairs, this single problem will probably lead to few more problems. In the end, the repair will be quite costly.

Finally, a common problem in stairlifts is the state of the battery. In many cases, they will require replacement of the old battery with a new one. So, when the time comes change the battery right away. In addition, follow some tips to extend the life of the battery.