We all know how important physical activity is. Without physical activity, we will soon notice the emergence of many different health issues. But, is fitness and physical activity necessary when it comes to the elderly? The answer is affirmative. Just like young people, senior citizens need to establish a fitness routine too. Of course, this routine must be adjusted to their needs and abilities. There are also some basic rules about elderly fitness too.

To start with, the elderly should practice aerobic exercises in the beginning of their routine. To put it in simple words, they must practice fitness activities with mild to moderate intensity. If this is not clear enough for you, they should reach about 75% of the most intense highest rate they have during these activities.

There are many aerobic exercises recommended for the elderly including fast walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, hiking, climbing stairs, cycling and even some ball games. Depending on their physical condition, they can also get involved in group activities with their peers. If they are communicating to each other the fitness routine will be more enjoyable and efficient. What is important is to avoid over exercising because it may bring similar negative effects as physical inactivity.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to determine whether the elderly are involved in an activity that goes beyond their capacity. However, if you are able to determine the signs of this problem, you will also be able to make sure that the older person in your life is perfectly safe. Some signs that they are putting too much effort include unpleasant feeling of tachycardia, asthma symptoms and inability to breathe properly. On the other hand, thanks to regular fitness activities, the elderly can get better sleep, they can stabilize their appetite and weight, regulate blood pressure and heart rate. Regular physical activity can significantly improve their health and life in general.

Just like people that are younger, the elderly must spend about one hour a day in physical activity. Of course, in this case, the exercises will be more moderate and not very intense. What is even more important is to make sure that they are safe during these activities. Obviously, senior citizens must pay close attention to their diet too and avoid processed foods and replace them with organic, natural foods that will deliver the necessary nutrients to their body.