Aging is a very natural process that cannot be stopped. But, there are ways in which we can at least slow down this process. The heart is definitely one of the most important organs in our body and if the heart is working properly and if it is in a good condition we can expect long life. In case you didn’t know, there is a simple way to tell that your heart is not as strong as before and that’s swelling in the lower part of the legs.

Doctors know that in cases like this, the heart is not powerful enough to deliver blood in this area and back to the heart relying on gravity. In other words, there is no proper blood flow. In case this problem is left untreated, the person dealing with this problem may experience a stroke, heart attack or even death. Doctors usually prescribe specific drugs (water drugs) to solve this issue related to fluid retention. However, many of them forget to tell the patients that there are some other natural methods to ease the tension in the heart and aid its work.

In case your aging loved one has swelling problems in the legs and feet, you must first consult a doctor. Even though swollen legs are associated with certain hear tissues there are many other things that can be in question. The natural method we have mentioned is elevation of the feet above the heart’s height. This practice will trigger adequate blood circulation and as we already said when the heart is not strained, we can expect longer life expectancy.

Of course, the body has many important organs like the liver for example. The liver is affected by alcohol and other potentially harmful foods and drinks. So, limiting the intake of processed foods, junk foods and alcohol will make them work optimally and won’t cause problems. The same goes for the kidneys.

Physical activity in the elderly is important too. Exercising 30-60 minutes at least three times a week should be enough to remain healthy and improve vitality. On top of that, the exercises should boost the immune system and protect the elderly from different diseases. Extending the life expectancy of the elderly is an ongoing process, so it is the best idea to use the assistance of a homecare agency to help you with these efforts.