General Questions
We provide comprehensive, compassionate care in the comfort of our client’s home. Our qualified staff is committed to providing the best care in a manner that preserves the well-being and dignity of everyone we serve.
All Heart Homecare Agency business hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm. We have an on-call team available 24/7 to help you, when the office is closed.
We serve all 5 Boroughs of NYC: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island.
We are locally owned and privately operated.
All Heart Homecare Agency has been proudly serving the community since 2012.
We are a licensed home care agency.
Our staff and caregivers speak numerous languages in addition to English, including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian, Farsi, Georgian, and others.
All Heart Homecare Agency is a licensed homecare agency. All our caregivers are actual employees of the company, who provide homecare services on behalf of the agency.
You have to be a certified home health aide and have HHA or PCA certificate. If you want to apply you need to schedule an appointment for an application, then fill out the application and go through an orientation.
If you have been working for past 2 years with your HHA or PCA certificate, then yes, your certificate is valid.
Yes. To maintain a status of an active employee you have to provide us with annual medical examination results and have 12 hours of in-service a year (6 hours for PCAs).
The CDPAP is a waiver system that gives more control to the Medicaid recipient, or consumer. To be eligible for CDPAP, the individual must be elderly or disabled, show a need for daily assistance, qualify for in-home care services and be eligible for Medicaid or already be on Medicaid. This program allows the recipient to sit down with a caseworker and medical professional to evaluate the level of care necessary for the individual and create what is called a “Care Plan.” This Care Plan itemizes the services and hours needed for care each week. This plan also allows the Medicaid recipient to select, train, supervise and dismiss the care provider. CDPAP services are outlined in the Care Plan created by the individual, caseworker and medical professional. These services can include personal care, mobility and medical care services, but they are directed by the individual or their legal guardian.
Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will gladly assist and guide you through the application for and receipt of Home Care Services. We will help you to apply for the CDPAP program on your current Medicaid managed long term care (MLTC) insurance plan. And if you have straight Medicaid or are on a regular managed care plan, we will help you to choose the best MLTC for you. And if you’re not already on Medicaid, our team will help you determine if you are eligible for Medicaid and, if you are, will assist you with the Medicaid application process.
Any person who qualifies for Medicaid and requires home care, personal care or skilled nursing services, can sign up for CDPAP.
A caregiver can be anyone you trust to provide the care you need. They can be a family member or a friend, who are 18 years of age or older and are able to legally work in the United States. To apply, the caregiver needs to undergo a physical examination within the last year, rubella and robeola, two PPD tests within the last year, and a recent drug screening. If the caregiver has any difficulties providing us any of the above-mentioned medical exams, we will assist in obtaining the necessary documents. You need to have a 2nd Personal Assistant in case the primary PA needs a day off or gets sick, and needs a replacement.
Yes, however, there are two restrictions to this. The caregiver cannot be your spouse and they cannot be the parent of a child under 21.
No, no certificate or training is required for CDPAP. Any skills that you might need will be taught directly by the consumer.
This is highly individualized. A Representative from your insurance company will determine how many hours of home care service you are eligible for based on your needs.
The patient must have Medicaid in order to enroll on CDPAP. However, if the patient does not have Medicaid but is eligible to receive Medicaid, All Heart Homecare Agency can help apply for Medicaid.
All Heart Homecare Agency offers competitive rates and great benefits to all CDPAP caregivers, including weekly pay with direct deposit or a paycheck, paid vacation and sick days, overtime, medical insurance, MetroCard, paid cell phone bill, 401k and more. Inquire today for current rates and benefits!
Needs met by the CDPAP include assistance in feeding, dressing, housecleaning, personal hygiene, basic medical needs, transportation to and from medical appointments, and any other task with which the consumer directs his/her aide to help him/her with.
Because we care! Our qualified staff is committed to providing the best care in a manner that preserves the well-being and dignity of everyone we serve. We will support you through the entire service period.
Contact us immediately to speak with our Intake specialist. Dial us at 888-388-8989 and we will get you enrolled as soon as possible.
To be eligible for Medicaid, you must meet the requirements for an eligibility group that NYS covers under its Medicaid program. We can define an “eligibility group” as people who have certain common characteristics, such as being an older adult or a person with a disability, and who meet certain common requirements, such as having income and assets below certain levels.
Yes, we have contracts with major insurance companies.
Depending on your coverage and your medical needs, Medicaid may or may not cover your in-home care expenses. This will strongly depend on the nature of your needs and urgency. If your in-home needs are based on a medical condition, it is very likely your services will be covered. We work with Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care insurance, and numerous health insurance plans. Services not covered by insurance may be paid privately.
For PCA service covered by MLTC, a representative from your insurance company designs the plan of care based on your medical condition/needs. For CDPAP plan of care is designed by the consumer or his/her representative. For Private pay services - RN from All Heart Homecare Agency.
For PCA services covered by MLTC the minimum number of hours is determined by your insurance company representative based on your medication and condition. The minimum number of hours for private pay service is 20 hours per week.
All of our caregivers have successfully passed through rigorous background checks and training, are certified, insured and bonded. We’ll provide you with the caregiver that’s right for you given your needs and expectations
If your caregiver is unavailable for any reason, we’ll find another caregiver immediately.
We’ll find the caregiver that’s right for you given your needs and expectations.