When looking for a Brooklyn home health care agency, there are always a few key things to keep in mind. Making sure that you’re loved one is being properly looked after is key, but making sure that they’re staying active and engaged is just as important. When spring time rolls around every year, one great fun opportunity that comes along with it is Easter. There are a variety of fun and easy Easter egg coloring tips that your senior can use to have a great holiday and put a little bit of their own creativity on display at the same time.

1. Get Rid of the Dye

One of the great things about All Heart home care agency is that they can usually get get just about any craft supply that you need to really make Easter egg coloring as fun as possible. As a result, get rid of the dye and embrace other types of materials that are used in the coloring process. Paint, markers and even colored pencils are all great ways to gain complete control over a design.

2. Embrace Themes

If your senior citizen is a retired educator, for example, they may want to paint an Easter egg black and then use a white pen or marker to mimic the appearance of a traditional chalkboard. If they worked in construction, they can use various colored markers to create an egg that looks like it was wearing a multi-colored safety jacket. Embracing themes like that is a great way for your senior to make something truly unique with each egg.

3. Tattoos

Even if your senior isn’t necessarily artistically inclined, they can still have a lot of fun coloring eggs using temporary tattoos. These eggs don’t require any dye at all and can include a huge number of fun options like comic book characters, graphics and more.