To those who celebrate Purim, we are wishing you and your families a wonderful holiday and that you may celebrate life safely and in unity! Happy Purim from All Heart!

What is Purim?

To simply put it, Purim is a time to celebrate life! It is filled with fun festive activities and amazing treats! Many eat great food, and children often dress up into costumes of their choice. For centuries, Purim has been a staple holiday for the Jewish people as it holds so much meaning behind its story of origin. 

What is the story behind Purim?

Purim commemorates the narrative of how the Jewish people were saved from persecution. The story begins within the ancient Persian Empire. According to the Book of Esther in the Jewish Bible, Jews were threatened to be killed by a man named Haman, a prime minister who was convincing the king to go through with this villainous plan after one of the citizens, Mordecai,  refused to bow down to Haman. After word of this plan travels to Queen Esther, who herself is Jewish, she immediately places the plan in reverse by defending her people in front of the king. With her bravery and courage, she was able to save all the Jewish people in the city and so many celebrate that victory. 

What to say to your client who celebrates Purim?

Perhaps your client celebrates Purim themselves. A simple acknowledgement or welcoming of the holiday is always appreciated. By greeting with a “Happy Purim!”, your client will feel that you value and appreciate their culture and their presence alone. When one acknowledges and accepts another person’s culture, there is much positivity. And with a positive environment, you and your client will form a personal bond that will allow room for better communication  and open the door for effective home health care.