It would be best if men and women have developed healthy habits and lifestyle before they reach 60, but most of them have not practiced a very healthy lifestyle. The good news is that it is never too late to start.

Scientific studies focused on older persons have shown that the risk of developing cancer can be reduced for up to 35% if these persons change their lifestyle and eating habits. The same tips shared in the last two decades are still worthy – following a diet rich in veggies and fruits, wholegrain, nuts, healthy omega-3 fatty acids and mono-saturated acids. Avoid or at least limit the intake of processed food and sugar, don’t eat red meat more than two times a week. Finally, exercise for 30 minutes a day at least 3 times a week. Practice relaxing techniques on a regular basis (meditation or yoga). Besides these general tips, you need to pay more attention to the prevention of some serious diseases that occur more frequently in senior citizens.

So, first of all, watch out for signs of cancer. The aging process increases the chances of getting diagnosed with cancer. Lung cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer are some of the most common types of cancers in the elderly. In order to avoid these diseases, you should schedule and perform regular checkups and tests. Detecting the disease in the early stage is crucial for the success of the treatment. You must improve your anti-tumor habits like taking more anti-inflammatory foods and reduce the intake of food rich in fat.

Furthermore, the risk of osteoporosis grows with aging. This is especially true for women that have ancestors who were dealing with this disease. Keep exercising and besides strength training and cardio exercises add some exercises focused on balancing in order to prevent falls and injuries. It is also a good idea to increase calcium intake.

Cardiovascular diseases are another common type of diseases in old men and women. Exercise, moderate alcohol consumption and taking anti-inflammatory foods are some of the things you can do.

In addition, experts advise stimulation of the cognitive functions as a way to prevent dementia and stimulation of the digestive system which usually has bad performance at old age.

While it is true that health after 60 declines, it is also true that every older person with the help of their loved ones and professional caretakers can preserve their health.