Providing home health care services is a demanding job that can easily reach beyond the realms of simple health care needs. Oftentimes the patient being cared for may have other needs that have an impact on their overall health. One huge hardship that can impede overall health is unmet financial needs. Financial need can cause stress, anxiety, depression and many other issues that can make the task of maintaining or improving health difficult. The job of a good home care agency in Brooklyn is to help connect your patients with services they need so that they can focus on their health and wellbeing. Here are some ways you can do that.

Many social service organizations in the Brooklyn area have contacts for agencies who specialize in helping those who are unable to pay for services such as health care and food. Contacting your local social services department to find out about all the service organization is a good first step in the way a home health agency can help. The social service agency may know of organizations that you did not know existed that could be of great help for your patient.

If paying medical bills is an issue for your patient, there are many doctors and clinics who work primarily with low income families and understand how to help meet the needs of those who cannot pay. Most of the time, these clinics charge for services based on the income of the patient. Therefore, if the income is very low, oftentimes the patient will qualify for free health care and possibly free medications.

Another important step in helping your low income patients get all the care and services they need is making sure they are signed up for Medicare or Medicaid if they qualify. These programs can greatly reduce the cost of healthcare and can totally eliminate it in some cases. If there are children in the home, they may qualify for state health care programs which would make their healthcare free. Social services should be consulted for these programs to determine qualification.

There are other nonprofit services such as Meals-On-Wheels that can deliver food to certain patients if their health makes it difficult to leave their home. These services are completely free and offer additional companionship for patients who are otherwise very lonely.

Going above and beyond for your patients is the benchmark for a good home care agency in Brooklyn. With just a little research, you could completely change the lives and the outlook of the patients you care for.