Regular physical activity is essential to well-being, regardless of age or overall health. In addition to reduced risk of diabetes and certain types of cancer, regular exercise can significantly lower risks associated with heart disease, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular concerns. Plus, exercise has been shown to improve psychological health by boosting mood and preventing complications like depression, anxiety and more!

To experience the benefits of regular workouts, the Surgeon General recommends that adults get at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least five times per week. While this can sound intimidating, there are lots of great ways to incorporate exercise into daily activities. The following tips, brought to you by A Life Saver Home Care Services, one of the best home care agencies in Brooklyn, can help beginners take the first step to better health and fitness.

Break up physical activity into parts. Performing ten minutes of exercise three times per day is just as beneficial as doing it all at once. Start slow. Instead of starting out at 30 minutes of exercise per day, beginners should set a more realistic goal of ten minutes per day. This can help prevent injury as well as improve the odds of sticking to an exercise regimen. Match your activities to your fitness levels. Instead of training for a marathon or signing up for an advanced aerobics class, beginners will experience more benefits by sticking to simpler activities. Walking, swimming and hiking, for example, are great options for individuals just starting a fitness routine.

In addition to exercise, diet is extremely important to heart health and quality of life. With the proper nutrition, the risks associated with heart disease and other complications are greatly reduced. Nutrition tips like the following will help prevent disease and improve body function as well as boost mood, energy levels and more. Stick to whole, fresh ingredients. Processed foods are packed with sodium, fat, calories and other unhealthy ingredients. Forgo these options in favor of fresh fruits, vegetables and meals with fewer ingredients. Avoid simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates like white bread, pasta and sugar can have devastating effects on health. Switching to fortified whole grains can reduce the risks associated with these foods as well as ensure daily vitamin and mineral intake. Choose lean proteins. Healthy proteins are essential to any nutritious diet. Trade fatty proteins for lean cuts of meat, fish and non-meat protein options like beans, legumes and nuts. Stay hydrated. Sufficient water intake will keep the body running at optimal levels. Eight to ten glasses a day is recommended.

A Life Saver Home Care Services is one of the most experienced home care agencies in Brooklyn. With these tips, provided by our experts, we hope to improve your health and add years to your lifespan, no matter your age or current fitness levels.