Why You Need the Flu vaccination Now More Than Ever

The time has come for your annual flu vaccinations as it is now influenza season. However, you may have some more concerns about getting vaccinated this year as more questions have risen for you. Questions such as, “How safe is the flu vaccination?” or “How does COVID-19 factor in during the flu season?” 

We will gladly answer these concerns for you as the CDC has posted new information on why the vaccination of the flu shot is important now more than ever before. 

All About the Influenza Shot

As the weather now turns colder, flu season also comes into the picture. Many wonder about the flu vaccinations and as healthcare workers, many are given the option and even requested to get that flu shot. Yet many ask what the purpose of this is especially in 2020 when most of the world is focusing on avoiding illnesses such a COVID-19. Why do people need it if we are already wearing a mask almost all day and are practicing social distancing?

Just like all the years prior to this one, it is always recommended that everyone, especially healthcare professionals get a vaccination shot for the influenza season. Why is that? Well, for one, you are constantly working with elderly patients. These patients are more vulnerable to a simple flu as their immune system weakens with age. Something that may be a simple cold for you at your younger age will likely not be the same effect for the elderly person. Thus, as the strain of the flu constantly changes annually, it’s important to get vaccinated for the new flu shot to keep those around you safe. 

Is the Flu Shot effective? Yes, in the most recent years, it is said that it is 50-70% effective to prevent the flu, plus, if you do get sick or have another illnesses as the flu vaccine with reduce the severity. 

Protecting Vulnerable Groups:

Thousands of people die from the flu every year and most of these people are over the age of 65 with an immunocompromised health. In addition to this, pregnant women and children are also at a high risk. Now as a home health aide, you are constantly in an environment with at-risk groups. By getting this flu shot, you not only protect yourself but others around you as well.  

Why do you need the flu shot now more than ever?

To protect Healthcare capacity: 

With the flu vaccination, you reduce the chances of getting sick and being hospitalized. Because we are still currently in a pandemic, we need to reduce the number of medical attention applied per person so that hospitals will not be over-crowded. 

To Prevent Co-infection of both COVID-19 and the Seasonal Influenza:

There have been reports that suggest if both COVID-19 and the flu coexist in the body, it may be a severe risk for vulnerable patients. As more time passes by and the CDC studies the two diseases, it will become available and more understanding to us.

Overall Benefits of the Flu Vaccination

Though it will not protect you from contracting the Coronavirus, it will reduce the chances of needing to go to the doctor this season as well as developing symptoms or even being quarantined. Because this year is very complex already, let’s do our part and protect others and ourselves by getting vaccinated.

For more information on the flu season and how it will affect your workplace, contact us, and we would gladly share more with you about how to keep safe during these trying times.

Happy Sukkot From All Heart!

To those who celebrate, we are wishing you and your families a Happy Sukkot! 

May this season bring you many blessings and comfort to you and your families.

What is Sukkot?

In Judaism, the Sukkot holiday is known as the “Feast of Tabernacles” which is one of the most holy holidays in the Jewish Religion. Usually, those who celebrate, make a hut in which they spend 8 days in to commemorate the sheltering of the Israelites in the wilderness.

When is Sukkot?

The week-long holiday is five days after the holiday “Yom Kippur”. This year, the holiday falls on the evening of Friday, October 2 and ends in the evening of Friday, October 9, 2020.

How to Greet Someone Who Observes Sukkot?

One way of greeting someone who observes this holiday is by saying “Chag Sameach” to them which means “Happy Holidays”. If your loved one or client celebrates this holiday, be sure to greet them this way as a sign of respect. 

Stay Safe and have a great holiday!


ALL Heart Home Care

Referrals or Searching on Your Own: How to Choose a Home Care Agency

Home Care Agency in NYC

The home care for the elderly must be performed by an experienced professional. Various physiological changes occur in the body with age and elderly people suffer from mood changes and may be excessively sensitive. Caring for elders can be difficult work, especially on the psychological aspect. Therefore, the choice of a home care service must be made very carefully. Nursing services include helping the patient, following the doctor’s instructions and recommendations for taking medicines, adhering to procedures, maintaining cleanliness, and order. To add on, the home attendant should listen, communicate, and support in difficult times. If there are any special requirements or concerns in your case, they also must be met.

How to Start Searching for a Home Care Agency in NYC?

If you don’t have any experience with searching for Home Care Services in NYC, you may miss some important details. Home care HR recruiters select each candidate carefully and consider the following before hiring:

  • Good health. Every potential home care attendant must undergo a medical examination before starting their work. They should have enough physical strength to provide the proper services.
  • Appropriate experience. Home attendants must all go through certified training in order to receive their status. In addition to that, home attendants must do 12 hours of In-service training annually to learn more tips on proper home care. 
  • Personal traits. Effective care is when the worker can observe the elderly person and quickly respond to the slightest changes in the patient’s health. However, the professional home attendant must provide care with warmth, compassion, and understanding.

Responsibility, discipline, accuracy, and the ability to find a common language with your employer are other features that are also worth attention. It is hard enough to determine if the potential worker meets all the mentioned requirements during the interview. The candidate must go through the few examination steps and show their skills in practical terms before being hired by CDPAP agencies.

What Does The Searching Process  Look Like?

First of all, it is necessary to know your concerns as well as the concerns of your senior relative. If you decide to use home care Agency In NYC , you should describe your situation with all details. The first important step is communicating with the coordinator who will have to look for the appropriate specialist for your elder relative. Make sure that you know the answers on the following questions:

  1. Is the person bedridden? If yes, how many times should they be overturned and how often should the linens be changed?
  2. Does the elder citizen have any illnesses and which type of care do they need?
  3. Describe the patient’s psychological state. Anxiety or distraction may be caused by certain illnesses as well.
  4. How often should your senior visit the doctor? If the patient is bedridden, then how often does the physician visit him?
  5. Which meals are recommended for the elder citizen? The shopping list and cooking time will be based on that information. Please mention if there are special requirements regarding cooking skills.

It is also important to make a list of remedies that were prescribed by the physician, mention the dosage and time when they must be taken. Once the client makes an application, the agency team starts searching for the appropriate candidate and informs the approximate time necessary for giving a result.

What Are the Advantages of Home Care Agencies?

Cooperating With a home care attendant is not an easy process. Your elder relative must get used to the thought that now they will have to spend most of their time with a person whom they have yet to meet.. Private home care Agency in NY are a popular solution. They help to find not just a typical specialist but a person who will be appropriate for the existing situation. Here are the advantages of high-level care agencies:

  • Guaranteed service. The agency provides the client with the worker by a certain date
  • Part-time or full-time workers. Bedridden people need full-time caregivers, who can provide 24/7 care. At the same time, other seniors need only accidental help like shopping, cleaning, or performing certain medical procedures. Some families call for home care services only in the case of a trip or department
  • Individual approach. Managers control the home attendants’ activity in different fields: performing household duties, preventive actions against bedsores, and look through reports regarding the spent money.

Calling for a homecare agency means that the team of professionals is involved in monitoring your senior’s health. If you have any complaints or propositions, you may always contact the responsible person. In a case of extraordinary requirements, you will also find a solution, since such companies have a whole directory of employees at their disposal.

All Heart home Care Agency , a top home care agency in NYC hires only those workers who have already got positive recommendations from previous clients. The management needs to know that the specialist can find the right solutions in the most unexpected situations, treating the patient carefully and respectfully. While asking for such services, you may be sure regarding the legal side of the issue: education, medical certificates, and guarantees in a case of extraordinary situations.

Happy Rosh Hashanah

To those who celebrate, we at All Heart Home care Agency are wishing a Happy Rosh Hashanah!

We sincerely congratulate you on the Jewish New Year and wish you sunny days, love in your soul, luck and happiness.

May all your prayers be anwered, and the soul sings forever.
May the Rosh Hashanah holiday bring true luck and love, great happiness and prosperity.

Let life be full of mercy, kindness and justice.
Let challah and honey apples taste good.

Have a happy, wealthy New Year!

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care:

What the family should expect?

It’s heartbreaking to witness memory slip away from your mom or dad’s mind. Dementia is a devastating disease that not only hurts the person fighting this condition but also for the surrounding people in their lives. It’s more than just a mental illness, there is so much grieving that occurs because even though your loved one is still there in your life, they are going to change in the way they act, remember and interact.

We want to help make that adjustment smooth and comfortable for the whole family and so that’s why we’re here to help. 

Here are six steps you can take to deal with this disease for both now and in the future of your loved one:

Do what is still possible while you can still do it.

Options are very important when it comes to an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis. Families should know the facilities that are available to help them in order to make the transition smoother. Making these decisions with a proper support system is important and even empowering. Planning is key when it comes to a disease like this where it takes away that skill overtime. Thus, it’s important to discuss any medical wishes or create living wills and long term plans to be sure that their future is in good hands.

Remain Engaged.

An unfortunate yet common symptom of a dementia diagnosis is depression. It’s so important to continue being active and having an engaging support system. Consider spending more time with your loved ones, attend religious events or even try new hobbies that spark up joy and new interests. If depression intensifies, therapy is significantly beneficial and, if it continues, consider seeing a doctor as they may prescribe antidepressants.

As a caregiver, continue to uplift and encourage and do these activities with them. Support places an essential role when battling depressions, thus it’s so important to stay active in order to uplift their mental health. Continue to ask other family member to get involved and be present in your loved one’s lives. 

Learn More.

The more you learn and educate yourself on such topics, the easier it will be to handle difficult situations involving dementia care. With education comes proper safety and good health. The patient and the relatives should be in contact with their health care providers this includes their home health aides, nurses, doctors, therapists, social workers. Getting involved in social support groups regarding dementia and Alzheimer’s care is also very beneficial as it provides another level of support for your family. 

Take it easy.

With Alzheimer’s, the memory usually becomes worse and likely the personality of the person is likely to change as well. As a caregiver, note that any sharp or upsetting behavior is not personally directed towards you but rather it is the mental illness. This is an unfortunate disease which will likely change  the way the person acts and talks. As a response to their outbursts, be sure that you continue to have patience with them without being forceful back at them because it will not help them think clearer. 

In addition to this, be sure to not talk poorly in front of them as it is noted by medical professionals that even in the late stages, they are still able to comprehend that others are talking about them and this can make them irritated. 

As a caregiver, take care of yourself.

Let’s be honest, taking care of someone with dementia is in no way easy. So, it’s common to feel so overwhelmed with the workload and even your sleeping schedule may be altered. In order to avoid this and still remain sane, it’s important to have a healthy diet and have a support system. Putting your health first is essential because it is common to suffer from more health problems after becoming a caregiver due to the stress. 

Note that guilt is normal. Sometimes the caretaker would fear that something bad will happen when not supervised, but that is why it is important to have a proper community around you. This means making sure that your loved one has a proper home health care agencies readily available or perhaps a neighbor can step in through programs like CDPAP. Be sure to take care of yourself first before you take care of your loved one. 

Remember the good times.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to put on some of their favorite music or view a photo album together to remember the good old days. This is beneficial as it can stimulate their brain to remember. 

There can be ups and downs with Alzheimer’s and dementia care, but we at All Heart Home care are here to help your family. For more information on our services, contact us today!

Suicide Prevention Week: Does Your Senior Show Signs of Depression?

Suicide can be very difficult to talk about. Many people try to steer away from such topics but it’s so important to be aware of it and try to understand why someone might even think of making this choice. For this reason, September 6-12, 2020 is dedicated to Suicide Prevention Week. Now you may be thinking, why are we talking about this? Unfortunately, with age, it actually becomes more common than you think.

The main reason for suicide at any age is a feeling of loneliness. People who are constantly misunderstood or just live alone can often feel very lonely which can lead to depression. Often such people suffer from alexithymia when a person does not have enough words to describe and express their feelings. As a result, elder people do not feel like they belong to a society.

As soon as you have suspicions about a person’s suicidal thoughts, you must take certain measures. Someone might say that the elderly may say these things to just get attention, but remember that in this case, your attention is really important for them. Your main task is to find ways to convey your love to them, without having to spend much money or time.

What Are The Main Signs That To Be  Aware of??

People with depression are much more prone to suicidal thoughts than others. Depressed people cannot control their negative thoughts even if in other situations they showed perseverance and hard-working skills. Most seniors need regular support, words of love to make sure that their children still need them. Here is the list of depression signs which indicate that a person needs additional attention:

  • Disrupted appetite and sleep. Depressed people lose their appetite or eat in unlimited quantities. Sleep and fatigue are other major problems. Seniors with depression may wake up early, often cannot sleep at all or sleep much more than usual.
  • Apathy and ruminating over the negatives. Some elders with depression function despite their illness, while others are not even able to perform simple daily activities such as getting dressed, cooking, or eating.
  • Losing interest in the things that they enjoyed before. Such elderly citizens are especially irritable or apathetic, look restless and agitated. The idea of retirement may often cause depression.
  • Thinking, moving, and speaking slower than usual. In such cases, seniors complain of strange incomprehensible pain in the whole body. It is difficult for a depressed person to make any decisions, they express feelings of emptiness and guilt.

Depression in elder citizens is accompanied by anxiety, excessive fussiness, confusion, disorientation, loss of memory, inattention, and absent-mindedness. It is really hard enough to recognize depression in people because many of the symptoms are similar to the symptoms of senile diseases.

All Heart Homecare team members know that depression in seniors should not be ignored as it, unfortunately, can lead to suicide. Daily communication, attention, and care will help your elder relative feel that they are not alone!

For more support with your loved one’s health, contact All Heart Homecare Agency today!

How to Spend Labor Day Weekend With Your Loved One During COVID-19?

Labor Day is a traditional holiday that can be celebrated with a hike in the park, a picnic, or attending events, devoted to this day. However, the 2020 pandemic called for different plans as each of us will have to make some adjustments to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and infecting our loved ones. Seniors especially should also be as careful as possible.

It is important to mention that elderly citizens often refuse to celebrate any holidays and that are not good for their general well-being. Seniors should not solely focus on their diseases, conditions and daily routine, rather, Labor Day is another reason to make life diverse. The main thing is not which activities you are engaged in, but which emotions you feel.

Planning a Labor Day

Each of us generally has positive associations with Labor Day and in most cases, the elderly people continue on their familiar traditions. Although there may be  no perfect solutions to celebrating this day during a pandemic, we hope that these recommendations help: 

  1. Watch live broadcasts. At first glance, it may seem mundane, but your elderly relative may enjoy the idea. Watching such broadcasts is especially useful for those patients who suffer from memory impairments: observing traditional celebrations helps bring some memories back, and even causes calming effects.
  2. Have a picnic. Visit quiet unsociable places, eat healthy food in small quantities, and take frequent breaks to avoid shortness of breath. Keep the 6- foot distance when going to public places if you have not got an opportunity to visit the forest or river in the countryside. Remember to support the elderly for preventing falls and injuries.
  3. Arrange a Zoom meeting. A holiday is a time when people want communication more than ever. Organizing an online meeting with the elder citizen’s friend could be the best gift as far as it gives unforgettable emotions. If you can’t arrange a meeting, just have a heart-to-heart talk on the phone with your relative in a comfortable environment.
  4. Ask your elderly relative to tell some stories about their previous celebration. What did they usually do this day? Does their celebration differ from the way we spend it? Ask leading questions and your close person will feel your involvement and interest. Moreover, you have the chance to hear an inspiring story.

Do not lose your chance to enjoy the last sun rays and have fun. Generally, if you want your elders to be happy, be happy by yourself: that is the most effective advice. Elderly people are especially sensitive to the actions of those who are close to them.

If you feel that you are not strong enough to provide adequate care for your elderly relative, remember that you can ask for professional help. All Heart Homecare agency will provide your family with a home attendant who knows how to organize the patient’s routine and provide them with a pleasant emotional atmosphere. Make the right decisions and happy Labor Day!

All Heart Homecare is One of The 5 Best Disability Home Care Services in New York!

All Heart Homecare Agency has been named one of the Top 5 Best Disability Home care services in New York according to Kev’s Best!

Thank You, Kev’s Best, for the recognition and the thorough review that shows families a bit more of our doctrine and how we run our company.

All Heart Homecare Team

What is Kev’s Best? 

Kev’s Best is a platform that reviews the best businesses in any industry or geographic region. Their reviews are supported by intensive research on a company’s previous awards, public reviews, first hand experiences and statistics.  Kev’s Best scouted the Top 5 Best Home Care Services in the New York region and have placed All Heart Home Care Agency on that list! 

Why All Heart Homecare?

For the past decade, All Heart has gained additional experience that many home health care agencies have yet to acquire, making us the most understanding when it comes to prioritizing our patients’ and their families’ needs. 

Care is the foundation of our company. Just as Kev’s Best mentions, we “care for our patients in the same way we’d care for our own family.” (kevbest.com) That is what makes our company so different. It is our mission to not just provide services on a superficial level, but to create an impact in our clients’ lives.

 How do we reach those goals? 

We start with hiring the best people. Our caregivers are not just hired based off of their credentials, but also their character. We are huge on making sure that the person who is taking care of your loved one, is not only qualified but also has a thorough background check on their history and their experience in the home care industry. This makes all the difference in the service we provide as this isn’t just a job, but truly giving someone their life back and making them more independent even in their old age.

We give back dignity. With our communication process, everything is simplified, heard and understood. Not only do we listen to any pertaining issues and concerns within a family, but we take action and give your loved ones the ability to be comfortable within their own home as it is their right to do so. 

With our multilingual market, we are able to cater to any language that your loved one speaks including Spanish, Russian, English and more! We are so grateful for this review as it not only speaks of the truth but also supports the fact that we truly care for our patients.

For more information on how All Heart Homecare can give your loved one the comfort and care they deserve, contact us today at 888-388-8989 or send an email to online@allheartcare.com.

Source: 5 Best Disability Home Care Services in New York

nurse helping elderly woman

Loneliness in Seniors and How to Cope amid COVID-19

It’s common to feel lonely at times, especially during COVID-19 which has placed isolating regulations as a priority. For many worldwide, this has strained their mental health as they are distancing themselves from others, feeding onto loneliness. Unfortunately, for seniors, this is more so common even without the pandemic in sight as many of them live on their own and are isolated.