Sticking to your New Years resolution

It’s not always easy to keep yourself on the ball, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. New Year’s resolutions are sometimes seen as a young person’s game, but that’s just silly. One of the best ways to live a long and healthy life is to continue to pursue challenges, so if you’ve got a resolution you’re itching to see through, try these tricks.

The benefits of staying cognitively active as you age

Becoming more forgetful as you get older is pretty common due to the way the aging process affects your brain. A little bit of forgetfulness isn’t something to worry about, but forgetting major things, forgetting things often or having trouble recognizing people you should know can be early warning signs of serious cognitive decline known as dementia.

Winter safety tips for seniors

Winter’s snow, ice and cold temperatures pose greater threats to seniors, who are more at risk of suffering from serious health issues or injuries. During this time of year, it’s important to make sure that your elderly family members stay safe. These tips are important ones to follow in order to reduce the risk of falls, frostbite and other winter hazards.

3 fun indoor activities to pick up this winter!

Just because your neighborhood isn’t zoned for cabins doesn’t mean you can’t get cabin fever.

It’s that weird feeling you get that’s somewhere in between being bored yet anxious, which signals you’ve been cooped up too long.

Reasons to consider our Brooklyn Home Health Care

It is difficult to find a caregiver you trust to look after your loved one. Perhaps you work full-time and have an elderly parent, or maybe you have an adult child that needs more care than you are able to physically provide. At All Heart Homecare Agency, we care for your family just like they are our own. Our Brooklyn home health care services include nursing, personal care, nutritional counseling, home health aides and even social work services. In addition to our scheduled services, we have a 24-hour on call nursing line at the ready to address your health concerns.

Diabetic? All Heart Care is here to help

Diabetes is a serious diagnosis that requires constant monitoring of diet, insulin, and blood sugar levels, but with the right training, anyone — including patient and close family members — can learn how to accurately test and control without making invasive trips to the doctor or local clinic. And this is where All Heart Care steps in — our fully trained complement of compassionate nurses and licensed home health aides stand ready to assist your loved one with glucometer training and diabetes management — all from the comfort of home.

All Heart Care home health aides provide medication assistance

Brooklyn home health care agency All Heart Care provides compassionate home health aides who are experienced with ensuring that the elderly and people recovering from illness or surgery remain compliant with prescription medication directions. When someone is debilitated or suffering varying degrees of memory loss, it is easy to forget to take medication as directed by their physician. All Heart Care home health aides can help clients safely manage their medication regimes to avoid health problems arising from missed or delayed medications.

3 fun and easy Halloween decoration projects

If your parents are receiving home care services, you know how important that care is to their physical health and wellbeing. Small craft projects can be part of that wellbeing, too. They’re not only fun to do, but can strengthen eye-hand coordination, stimulate mental activity and even provide a positive outlet for reminiscing about past holidays. If your parents’ home health aides have the time when their higher-priority duties are done, they can join in the fun, as well. It’s a great way for everyone to forge a bond of trust and friendship.