3 ways a personal care assistant can make your day easier

As we age, we all must face the reality of our growing limitations. Perhaps we have had to give up some of the outdoor activities we enjoyed, or maybe we can no longer travel alone. But, simply because our lives have more limitations than before, doesn’t mean they are no longer enjoyable.

Fall prevention tips from our Brooklyn home health care agency

It feels good to be able to do the things you’ve always done. I know I have always enjoyed autonomy and freedom of movement. Ever since I was a kid and my parents gave me my first chance to show some independence I have been on the move making choices and doing things for myself. As we get older it can be harder to do everything you once did.

Fire safety – 5 tips to ensure your home is safe

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, nearly 3,500 Americans perish in fires each year and nearly 18,000 are injured. Many of these fires occur in the home and could have been prevented.

Here are five tips to help ensure your home is safe from fires:

Do you know your rights as a home care services client?

When attempting to chose the best home care agency NYC provides, there are a number of important factors that you’ll want to consider. When the time comes for you or a loved one to invest in daily home care services, it is always important that you understand your rights as a client. Not only will they help you in your decision with regards to choosing the right provider, but they will also make sure that you are properly cared for and protected moving forward.

The importance of monitoring your blood pressure

The importance of monitoring your own blood pressure at home on a daily basis is something that cannot be overstated enough. This is especially true if a medical professional has recommended that you do so in the past – typically, these types of recommendations are done for a very good reason. When looking for a home care services provider, you will be looking for someone who can help you with these types of monitoring duties, among others.

Three quick and easy tips to keep your house clean

A clean home is safer and more pleasant to live in. You always know where things are, don’t worry about tripping over stray belongings, and are comfortable inviting guests into your home. Housekeeping doesn’t always seem that easy, but you can make it easier with these tips.

Top 3 low impact workouts for seniors

Seniors often benefit from physical activity. However, some types of activities are simply too hard on the joints and could do more harm than good. Instead of putting yourself at risk, choose a few low impact workouts for seniors instead. When you work with Brooklyn home health care providers, you’ll get support and guidance for your specific needs. These low impact workouts are often recommended, but you should consult with your professional care provider first.

Why chose home care services?

When you or a loved one gets older or becomes disabled, extra care may be required in order to live life as fully as possible. For those who have been in their own home for a long time, moving out and heading to a nursing home or other care facility can be traumatic.

Summer 2014: outdoor activities for all!

Getting older can be hard for some people, and can cause them to become isolated in their homes and avoid contact with other people. Maybe it is hard to drive or move around unassisted, and rather than reaching out for help, an elderly person might just stay home. But getting out is important, no matter how old you are. There are many nice outdoor activities that seniors can engage in over the summer of 2019.