This year’s national disability day is celebrated on December 3. Disability day aims to provide support for people with disabilities. This day is also a reminder that you must help people with disabilities and support their rights to a dignified and independent life.

This day also signals that government and private organizations strive to integrate people with disabilities into all aspects of life, including economic, political, social, and cultural.

It is noteworthy that disability does not concern mental or physical disabilities only. This day covers all known types of disabilities, from autism to down syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

How to Celebrate Disability Day

Here are some simple and effective ways to celebrate Independence Day.

Advocate for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Always look around and pay attention to whether the places you visit are adapted for people with disabilities. You may be able to convince a store owner or the shopping center manager to install appropriate facilities for people with disabilities.

Reach Out a Helping Hand

There is nothing complicated about helping people with disabilities. Sometimes it is enough to deliver medicine or pick up something from a grocery store. These seemingly simple tasks really help make a difference in the world and provide tremendous support for people with disabilities.

Show Compassion

Try not to get annoyed or angry with people with disabilities. Sometimes their speech may sound harsh and their humor even more specific. Just smile back and remember that smiling helps smooth out any corners and win over a person, no matter what.