Let’s face it – more than half of all the resolutions we give ourselves fail. This does not mean that the situation will repeat itself next year.

Business experts often recommend making a list of tasks and goals for the next year and a plan for implementing each of these points. Only in this way can you become part of a small group of people who really achieve their goals.

Correct Goal Setting

You are unlikely to be successful if you set unattainable goals for yourself. However, how do you measure whether a plan is realistic or romantic?

It’s simple. Most resolutions fail because we set the wrong goals in the first place. Someone tries just to show off, while someone’s successful life is the only vital landmark for others. In both cases, achieving the goal will not please you.

Imagine what you would like to achieve next year. Maybe it involves buying a house or losing weight. Either way, your goals should be SMART. This abbreviation has been used in management since 1981. Thus, company employees set goals that:

  • Smart. The goal should be clear and focused on a specific outcome that will benefit you.
  • Measurable. You should continually track your progress towards your goals and take notes accordingly.
  • Achievable. There is no point in setting unattainable goals. Of course, you have to be ambitious, but buying a brand-new Mercedes in a month can be out of your league.
  • Relevant. The goal should really matter to you and have the reasons you want to achieve it.
  • Time-bound. Specific deadlines for achieving goals will help you break down their achievement into milestones. As a result, you will be able to mark your progress as you get closer to the final result.

This approach is excellent for making a list of realistic goals, setting deadlines, and enjoying the results of your work.