Labor Day is a traditional holiday that can be celebrated with a hike in the park, a picnic, or attending events, devoted to this day. However, the 2020 pandemic called for different plans as each of us will have to make some adjustments to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and infecting our loved ones. Seniors especially should also be as careful as possible.

It is important to mention that elderly citizens often refuse to celebrate any holidays and that are not good for their general well-being. Seniors should not solely focus on their diseases, conditions and daily routine, rather, Labor Day is another reason to make life diverse. The main thing is not which activities you are engaged in, but which emotions you feel.

Planning a Labor Day

Each of us generally has positive associations with Labor Day and in most cases, the elderly people continue on their familiar traditions. Although there may be  no perfect solutions to celebrating this day during a pandemic, we hope that these recommendations help: 

  1. Watch live broadcasts. At first glance, it may seem mundane, but your elderly relative may enjoy the idea. Watching such broadcasts is especially useful for those patients who suffer from memory impairments: observing traditional celebrations helps bring some memories back, and even causes calming effects.
  2. Have a picnic. Visit quiet unsociable places, eat healthy food in small quantities, and take frequent breaks to avoid shortness of breath. Keep the 6- foot distance when going to public places if you have not got an opportunity to visit the forest or river in the countryside. Remember to support the elderly for preventing falls and injuries.
  3. Arrange a Zoom meeting. A holiday is a time when people want communication more than ever. Organizing an online meeting with the elder citizen’s friend could be the best gift as far as it gives unforgettable emotions. If you can’t arrange a meeting, just have a heart-to-heart talk on the phone with your relative in a comfortable environment.
  4. Ask your elderly relative to tell some stories about their previous celebration. What did they usually do this day? Does their celebration differ from the way we spend it? Ask leading questions and your close person will feel your involvement and interest. Moreover, you have the chance to hear an inspiring story.

Do not lose your chance to enjoy the last sun rays and have fun. Generally, if you want your elders to be happy, be happy by yourself: that is the most effective advice. Elderly people are especially sensitive to the actions of those who are close to them.

If you feel that you are not strong enough to provide adequate care for your elderly relative, remember that you can ask for professional help. All Heart Homecare agency will provide your family with a home attendant who knows how to organize the patient’s routine and provide them with a pleasant emotional atmosphere. Make the right decisions and happy Labor Day!