The change in seasons affects our lifestyle and people (especially older people) must take some measures in order to go through this change safely. If you are an older person or you are taking care of some older person, it is crucial to be prepared for the winter period because this is a period in which many injuries can happen due to the weather conditions. By following these tips, you will significantly reduce the risk of these injuries and unpleasant situations.

  • Check the heating in the home

During the winter period, temperatures can drop rapidly. This is a very delicate time for senior citizens because they already have weakened immunity and cold weather can lead to many diseases and disorders. If the home is too cold, they can also experience a stroke or a heart attack. So, it is crucial to check whether the heating system in the home is working properly. You should inspect the heater, fireplace and any other source of heat in the home. it is a good idea to upgrade the HVAC system if possible. In addition, the filters in these systems and the chimneys should be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Get supplies

It is also important to stock up on supplies like batteries, light bulbs, medicines, painkillers etc. You can also invest in food, but the fact is that food is available in the grocery stores all the time, so there is no need to pile up supplies that you can buy at any time of the day from the local store.

  • Buy CO and CO2 sensors and alarms

People spend more time indoors during the winter period. This means that they use the HVAC system all the time. In case your system is not working properly you can easily experience CO or CO2 poisoning and this is something that you can’t notice easily. This is why it is a good idea to install sensors and alarms that will warn you in case the level of these substances is high.

  • Make a strategy for removing ice and snow

It is quite obvious that the elderly cannot take the shovels and start removing ice and snow. On the other hand, these two natural occurrences are creating a lot of risks for the health of older people. These falls during the winter period can have a serious impact on their health and there are cases in which they were the indirect cause of fatalities. So, create a strategy for removing ice and snow before they occur. Find a professional service provider which removes snow and call them when you need their services.

  • Hire a home care agency

This season might be the perfect period of the year to try the services of home care agencies. These professionals will help the elderly improve the quality of their life and keep them protected in this period. If you find them useful you can consider using their services for a longer period of time.