Picture your usual Father’s day, what comes to mind? Perhaps a fun cookout,  baseball game or even theme park visits may be some things that you typically expect to do on this day . Yet this year, things took a turn and the likelihood of all of those events have been canceled. Though some states have opened back up and even lifted their quarantine orders, the local businesses are still struggling  as not many are back up to be running as usual. So,  it is still really difficult to follow normal traditions that you usually have on this day.

The coronavirus has put a halt to many things this year, however, this shouldn’t stop you from acknowledging the father figure in your life. The special dad in your life should always be celebrated and so we compiled several ideas you can consider in order to still celebrate Father’s Day safely for both him and those around you during this pandemic.

If you are living with your father, that’s great! We will suggest some options that are readily available to you that you can consider in order to make this day special! But if you aren’t spending time with your father this holiday, there are plenty of virtual activities and options that you can participate in which will make the both of you feel happy that he is being acknowledged. Both are great ways to consider in order to make your dad feel loved and appreciated.

7 Ideas to Consider Recreating for Father’s Day:

#1. Create a Hearty Brunch or Deliver it to Him

What better way to start off a great day than with an awesome breakfast? Cook up  a feast for the king himself, perhaps some of his favorites! Maybe it’s something as simple as scrambled eggs, or make it fancier by including some morning mimosas or bloody marys alongside with the delicious meal as it is a holiday after all. If you do not live with your father, deliver his meal to his home! Whether or not you make it yourself, he will love it either way.

#2. Plan a Game Night

Gamenights with dad are the perfect way to bring the family together. Play some chess, checkers, or other board games that the entire family enjoys. If you can physically be there with him, install some iPhone applications that allow you to connect with your family and friends and play together, even while you are all in your own homes. There are plenty of apps that allow for such interactive games to happen. Consider the app called HouseParty, where the entire family can join together on video call and simultaneously play fun games provided such as charades, guessing games and more!

#3. Host a Drive-By parade

Get the family to drive by your father’s home, if he doesn’t live with you! This is a perfect way to acknowledge him as it is exciting and shows how you think he is special! Maybe decorate your car in posters that read “Best Dad in the World!” or, if he’s a grandparent, make it “World’s Greatest Grandpa!” This will surely make him smile as it truly shows that you care about him.

#4. Try a Beer Tasting

Although he might not be able to visit his favorite breweries, this is the perfect chance to pick up some of his favorite beers and deliver it to his home and, with 6 feet between you both, you can enjoy some with your dad. This is a great way to support those local businesses as well, as they are constantly looking for more customers during these trying times.

#5. Try a Movie Night

Have him pick his favorite movie to watch, perhaps his childhood favorite or a film classic that he loved to watch while growing up. This day is about him and by watching some of his favorite movies, the family can connect even more so. If he’s not with you physically, try watching the film together over a Zoom or Skype call.  The best part about video call is the fact that, sometimes, it really does feel like the other person is in the room with you.

#6. Deliver a gift to him

One way to certainly make him smile is to directly send him a gift that he has been wanting. Perhaps it’s a cool new tech gadget, or maybe it can be a bottle of his favorite wine. Another idea is to send in a picture frame of the two of you, or the entire family so that he can place it as decoration and always remember that he has you to rely on. Sending him a gift is one of the best ways to express your love to your father. It’s a great way of saying “thank you for raising me” as they have such a significant impact on our personal lives and development.

#7. Travel the world without actually having to leave your house!

Thankfully, the world of the internet has allowed us to explore unique places without having to actually leave our homes. You can take a virtual tour across the world to explore places that he has never seen before, places like The Louvre in Paris, The British Museum or even Walt Disney World! The best part about these tours is that you can see them all for free, which saves you quite the money if you were to actually see these sites in real life. However, due to these trying times, it’s great to know that you can still explore different places and celebrate your dad yet still continue to remain safe.

No matter where or not  you are physically living with your father these days, it is important to still acknowledge him on Father’s Day  even if the stay at home order is extended during that time. These ideas are here to give you the flexibility and convenience for you and your father, to give you both the ability to connect and continue to share your special moments together, no matter the crisis happening.