Aiding the elderly keep their health is not an easy task, but there are many things that people can do to limit the negative impact of aging.

Caregivers are taking proper care of the physical needs and requirements of senior citizens, but only a small number of them think about their brain health. The following is a short list of things that people can do to improve brain health in senior citizens.

Taking care of the quality of sleep

If you ask any person about the number of hours older people need to spend sleeping, they will probably tell you that the elderly need to sleep less. However, a few scientific studies conducted not while ago have shown that the situation is not that simple. Even though it’s not easy for the elderly to stay awake or to fall asleep, they still need between six and eight hours of sleep during the night. Taking a daytime nap can help too.

Boosting mood

Another scientific study focused on brain health in the elderly has shown that cognitive performance is closely related to mood. This study included a few dozens of older people. 50% of the participants were experiencing good mood with the help of the people involved in the study. The others were left without anything to amuse them or make them happy. After that, all participants have taken a test related to their working memory. As you have already guessed, the ones that were in a good mood have shown significantly better results. There are many different things that senior citizens can do in order to improve their mood. Some of these things require the presence of other people, but there are many interesting activities that they can conduct on their own.

Remaining socially active

While we are talking about group activities, it’s good to mention that social activity on a high level can also contribute to improvement and maintenance of brain health. Several studies and trials have confirmed that social activity can stabilize blood pressure and reduce the chances of developing depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and other health issues. Even social activity via social media or other Internet platforms has proven to be helpful. So, if there is a chance, it’s good to help the elderly learn how to use a computer and the Internet.

Taking care of the mental health of the elderly affects their overall health.