Why would a person opt for home health care?  There are several reasons that make sense, but every person is different and every situation is different.  Some things to consider are how you or a loved one might feel about leaving home.  Some view a home as an obligation to maintain, others would never feel “at home” anywhere but their own home.  Family members are another consideration. What health benefits or risks might there be to you or to those you love that might help with your care.

Some Benefits to Brooklyn Home Health Care:

  • More reliable and constant medical supervision.  If a health nurse stops by daily or three times a week, or whatever you each decide, that will usually be more consistent and reliable supervision than well-meaning family and friends who stop by “when they can”.
  • It is easier to monitor your health on a daily and weekly basis.  A home health nurse can take your vitals, take your weight, they can even draw blood when required.  This can help monitor good days and bad days, and help determine when meds need to be changed and doctor’s appointment need to be made, all in your most comfortable environment.
  • Home health care allows for more time living independently.  Although care facilities are wonderful, they have to have a structure to make them operate efficiently.  With home health care, you have more flexibility to do things on your own time.  Often, more independence means being happier.
  • People are often happier and less likely to be depressed with home health care.  People who live alone often become depressed as they age.  Home health care visits tend to make people more engaged with other people and they are less likely to become depressed.
  • A potentially longer life!  Rather than live alone and go to the doctor a few times a year, a home health care provider is there more often and can notice changes in the person they take care of. Small things before they become bigger problems by putting them off.

Living in a care facility makes sense for some people, and they enjoy the activities and possibilities for conversation.  Other people prefer to stay at home.  Talk over your options with your doctor and family and make the best choice for your situation.