It’s normal to be forgetful at times, especially as we age. However, if you are noticing that someone you know is getting more and more forgetful over a period of time, it could be more than just a simple error. It could actually be a precursor to something more serious like Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia. 

What are the signs of Dementia in Seniors?

Forgetfulness is something that is common when it comes to aging, particularly over the age of 65. You might have a conversation with your mom or dad and suddenly they have a hard time finishing a story or they may misplace things. This is normal but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have dementia. Because of this, it’s important to be able to distinguish between what is dementia and what is just memory loss. 

Note the actions of your loved one by identifying the forms of memory loss they may have.

These are the following actions that you should pay particular attention to:

  • Forgetting which month, date, season or time of year it is. Losing track of how much time has passed can show decline in cognitive function.
  • Not remembering how to complete regular tasks. Keep note of when your loved one can no longer complete things that are usually simple or easy for them to do. This can be remembering a recipe they know by heart or maybe the rules of a game they play often. 
  • Constantly missing appointments. Note if your mom or dad have been forgetting things that they have scheduled, specifically medical appointments or other events.
  • Not remembering names. It’s normal to have a name slip up for anyone but it can become an issue when your parents constantly mix up names of people very familiar to them such as friends or family.
  • Recent events are forgotten but past is remembered clearly. If you notice that your loved one remembers their past clearly but not something as recent as last week, this is something to be concerned about.

Other symptoms of dementia are not always necessarily memory loss. Some of the other signs of cognitive decline include :

  • Lack of Judgment
  • Having mood swings or suddenly a different personality
  • Clumsiness or issues of spatial disorientation occurs

 How Home Care Can Address the Risks from Memory Loss

Once you have noticed the changes in their cognitive abilities, it must be addressed with the proper care. Detecting it early can help your loved one live a quality life.

If memory loss is making it difficult for your loved one to live at home, consider reaching out to All Heart home care Agency where we have professionals trained to aid dementia care. 

Whether your mom or dad is having trouble doing their daily tasks due to dementia or other chronic illness, our aides are ready to help you.

For more information on home care, be sure to contact All Heart home care today!