Holding on to sentimental values is a beautiful thing. However, some individuals tend to have trouble letting go of just about any belonging that has passed through their home. There are five key tips that you can use to get your parent to get rid of the clutter today:

1. Transfer Photos to CD or Digital

If your parent has a huge number of photo albums that are taking up space, convert them to digital using a scanner and a computer. The memories are preserved and space is freed up at the same time.

2. Embrace Digital Purchases

Does your parent love books, music, film or other art forms? Get rid of those physical copies and replace them with an iPad or similar type of tablet filled with digital versions of the same material.

3. Show Your Parent That They Are More than Just Those Items

Sometimes your parent may think that they are losing part of their identity by getting rid of these items. Show them that that is certainly not the case and that the memories that those items represent are even more important.

4. Talk to Your Parent

One of the great things about home health aides is that they will help you have these types of conversations with a loved one. Sit down and explain that they need to downsize for the best possible results. Sometimes the conversation is all it will take.

5. Work Room by Room

One of the most important steps that you can take is to keep your parent involved in the process. Work room by room and make sure that your parent always has input regarding exactly what you’re getting rid of and exactly what you’re holding onto.