If you perform a small research, you will notice that the depression rates among senior citizens are record high. According to some statistics, about 20% of the elderly are dealing with depression. What’s important to know is that contrary to popular belief, depression is not a natural reaction to the process of aging.

Isolation has proven to be one of the main causes of this specific type of depression. When people start aging, they lose contacts with other people and tend to stay at home where they can talk only to their relatives. Lack of mobility, loss of friends and relatives and retirements are some of the reasons that lead to isolation. However, family and friends of senior citizens can help them stay away from isolation and depression. At the same time, in-home elder care conducted by professionals is another way to keep the mental health of the elderly at bay. Now let’s check some of the things that can help them.

First of all, we should not forget that older people need hobbies and interests too. In this way, they are getting the much needed mental stimulation. There is a wide range of hobbies and activities that are perfectly safe for them like golfing, playing cards, watching quizzes etc. Some of these hobbies can help them interact with other people too. There are also many community groups where people of similar ages meet and discuss things they find interesting.

Due to the fact that the majority of senior citizens don’t drive, it’s a good idea to offer them rides or at least help them or assist them while they are using public transportation. In this way, they will feel more independent. In case they have the power and they are showing interest, it might be a good idea to buy them a pet. Taking care of another living making them feel alive. Instead of being preoccupied with their health and wellness they will think about something else.

Although the physical condition in the elderly is not at the highest level, this doesn’t mean that they should stop exercising. On the contrary, there are many specially designed exercises suitable for the elderly. Before they start exercising it is a good idea to visit a doctor who can assess their physical preparedness and condition.

These are just some of the tips that can prevent depression and isolation in senior citizens.