There’s no question that your mindset or attitude can affect how you experience life. Studies have shown that being optimistic can increase the amount of happiness in your life, and this has a positive affect on your immune system and other parts of your body. Keeping a healthy mindset might be challenging at first, but with practice it can become second nature. Aim toward behaviors that improve your attitude, and you’ll be healing your body as well as your mood.

Think About Gratitude

It may seem trite to count your blessings every day, but everyone has something they should be grateful for. The smallest things can give you the largest satisfaction when you study them. Begin each day thinking about one good thing you’re thankful for, and end each day the same way.

View Them as Challenges, Not Problems

No one has a perfect life. Things go wrong for everyone. But the way you view these circumstances can make all the difference in the world. You can mope around and wail about how unfair life is, and that your problems are the reason you’re feeling so bad. Or you can look at the situation as one of a challenge you need to face, a puzzle you need to solve.

Stop and Smell the Roses

It’s all the little things that make life happier, but you’ll never notice them if you don’t take the time. The next time you hear a beautiful piece of music, really listen to it. Spend 15 minutes doing something you absolutely love, and savor the experience. One bite of chocolate, one beautiful flower, or one hug can be just as satisfying as an entire day of thrills, if you pay attention to their true value in your life.

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