happy elderly man sitting on a coach with a smiling caregiver

Children, regardless of their age, love their parents. Of course, these feelings are mutual. However, there are situations when parents are becoming older and they are not in the same health condition as before making them targets for criminals.

Scam artists, thieves, burglars and home invaders are often entering homes occupied by the elderly because they find them vulnerable. In order to protect the elderly and keep them safe, their children and relatives should help them improve their security.

First of all, they should analyze the locks found in the home. Entry doors must be made of metal or solid wood and the frames must be reinforced if they are old. Besides the doorknob, the entry door must have a deadbolt too. There are some deadbolts that are better for the elderly, so take this fact into account. The strike to the entry door frame should be installed with the help of 4-inch screws for better protection. If it is possible, avoid the use of glass panels close to the door.

In addition, if there are sliding glass doors, they should be reinforced with foot latches and safety bars. Keep in mind that you don’t have to call a professional to add these features to a sliding glass door. On the other hand, garage doors that have electric openers are the safest option because there is no need to use an outer latch which usually makes these doors vulnerable. The keypad code should be shared only with trusted neighbors and friends. If the garage door doesn’t have an electric opener, the manual mechanism must be elderly-friendly.

Without any doubt, the windows of any home are the least safe spot. A simple lock usually doesn’t stop experienced burglars. One solution that has proven to be effective is the use of double pane glass. It is very difficult to break these windows and that’s why burglars avoid homes with this kind of windows. In addition, these windows provide better insulation. When windows are not in use, they should be kept locked.

In addition to locks and better glass, you should also install better lighting. Even when no one is around or when the elderly are sleeping, it’s best to leave one or two lights on. Alarms with motion sensors and cameras are an expensive but very efficient form of security too.

By following these tips, you should be able to improve the safety of the elderly in their home.