The elderly are often victims of accidents and burglaries in their own homes. The vast majority of aging people would love to follow an independent lifestyle and there is nothing wrong with this, but the fact is that there are some risks that they must take into consideration.

Although the trend of hiring homecare agencies is growing and this is a much better option than using a nursing home, the elderly who rely on such agencies must be careful all the time because these accidents happen very fast.

In order to improve the safety in their home, it is a smart move to write down 2-3 emergency phone numbers on several visible places in their home. These numbers should include 911, homecare agency’s phone and their children’s phones.

Furthermore, as you are probably aware, the elderly are more prone to falls. These falls can have catastrophic consequences for their fragile bodies and this is the reason why they must pay special attention to prevent such falls. In the recent period, many of them rely on special alerting systems in the form of bracelets and necklaces. So, in case of a fall, they can just push a button and the help will arrive as soon as possible. Remember to remind the elderly that they should not walk fast and don’t finish things in a hurry. For instance, if you are calling them on the phone, wait until they reach the phone, don’t force them to hurry up. Additionally, finding the right footwear can also reduce the number of such accidents. The floors must be dry all the time and all the rugs that can make them fall should be replaced with more stable rugs.

Fires are very common in the homes of the elderly. So, it is a good option to help them learn more about the risks of fires and what they should do in case of a fire. Check the cords of all electric devices and the condition of the extension cords and sockets. Position the heaters in the right way and help them quit smoking.

In order to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, you should install an alarm system in the home. When it comes to other types of poisoning, every medication they use should be placed in different bottle with clear label on them.

Finally, tell the elderly that they should never let strangers enter their home. In addition, install cameras and alarm systems.