As a simple refresher, the celebration of National Organ Donor Day began in 1998. Because of the joint efforts of the Saturn Corporation and its United Auto Workers, the support of non-profit organizations and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Day has taken on a whole new meaning in the lives of millions of Americans.

Starting from 1998, February 14 is not only Valentine’s Day. The date reminds us that organ donation is of the utmost importance. Imagine that tens of thousands of Americans are forced to queue online before they can get precious organs.

The day is of great importance because one of its main goals is to save real lives. That is why on this day, it is customary to demonstrate support to people who are awaiting organ transplantation, as well as to inform others about the humidity of sacrifice for the benefit of other people.

Reasons Why is National Donor Day Important

The day is significant to the public. It helps people learn about the importance of organ donation and assist those who need it.

Imagine that a person as an Organ Donor can save up to 8 Lives or help heal more than 75 People by donating sight or tissue organs after death.

Organ donation may seem immoral and unacceptable to some people. However, the method has proven its practice efficiency. Saving the lives of other people is within the power of everyone!

What’s more, this day is a great occasion to join the donor registry. This is an effortless procedure. You need to sign a written agreement that your organs (after death) can be used to help people who are awaiting transplantation.

Frankly, not all people understand why their family members make a favorable decision about organ donation. However, if you want to help other people and save one or more lives, it is best to discuss your decision with your family beforehand. Such a proactive position is characteristic of those who are ready to sacrifice themselves for society’s good.

On this day, each of us can help debunk myths and provide the public with more accurate information. For example, some people believe that if they have certain illnesses or physical defects, it will prevent them from donating and saving lives – nothing but a disbelief. Also, there is a widespread myth that doctors will not go out of their way to keep your life if you are registered in the donor registry. All this has nothing to do with real life. Saving lives is a priority for every doctor. Medical professionals always struggle for every life no matter what. 

Therefore, if you want to help others understand the importance of this day, then study the official statistics and share them on social networks.

How to Observe National Donor Day

If you were a participant of a donor program and received the gift of an organ, tissue, marrow, platelets or blood, be sure to share your story with others. Try to explain how important it was to receive help from another person you never saw or knew.

The thing is that only a few people understand how huge the queues for donor organs are today. Therefore, you can shed light on the importance of this day through the example of your life story. 

What’s more, don’t forget to use #NationalDonorDay to post on social media and inform the public. We at All Heart Homecare Agency genuinely believe that even a small step like blood donation can make a big difference in thousands of people’s lives.